News: IP Infringement Stylised Typeface – Paris Pro & Banana Republic

paris pro typeface

According to Moshik Nadav, “the overall look and feel of Banana Republic’s reproduction of the Paris Pro ampersand is substantially similar to the Paris Pro ampersand,” as the retailer “intentionally copied or caused to be copied the Paris Pro ampersand.” As

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Zero Carbon pods could be the future of secure and healthy home working

Passiv Pod 2021 Imagine a country dotted with hobbit-like, eye-pleasing pods that people live, work, and play in. That’s the vision of PassivPod, a small enterprise which seeks to mitigate carbon emissions, benefit people’s health and ease the housing crisis’ burden with

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Billy Chip Thank You on Linked In

Billy Chip Token Side 2

Billy Chip•  A unique safe and secure platform to help the homeless HAPPY MONDAY ALL! We have some really exciting news that we’ve been dying to share with you… Ladies and gents, BillyChip® is now officially a registered trademark. Meaning

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The Passiv Pod Pivot For 2021

Passiv Pod 2021

Passiv Pod Ltd designs zero-carbon secure and affordable home garden offices to meet the new high demand for the influx of an extra 3 million UK rural business home-workers. The design enables high-quality pre-fab manufacturing offsite using all-natural materials and

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2020 Award for Most Innovative Reduced-Cost Consultancy By Global 100 KMH Media Group

Clive Bonny Award

  Strategic Management Partners (SMP) is an independent consultancy based in Sussex. We profile the firm to find out more about their range of services. Founded by Managing Director Clive Bonny in 1990, SMP has delivered cost-effective consulting support across

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Intellectual Property Infringement News Q4 2020

IP Court Cases Chart

An alternative dispute resolution solution to Courts is Mediation which typically takes one day and costs a fraction of legal fees. TRADEMARK COSTS There is no costs-capping regime. The parties must, however, provide a detailed budget for the case fairly

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Brighton Innovators Win Futurebuild Award 2020

Future Build Award Photo

A team of design and technology innovators from Brighton are the 2020 winners of the FutureBuild Innovation Award for Offsite Buildings. FutureBuild is the premier exhibition and showcase for construction industry innovators. 27000 industry representatives from 69 countries attend the

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How Might We Improve Business Resilience Podcast

The howmightwe’s Podcast This may sound like a random title for a podcast, but ‘How Might We’ is actually our whole ethos at The Innovate Crowd. How Might We…? was born from the idea of people sharing their thoughts, ideas

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New Business Support Facility in Brighton City Centre

Small Business Saturday Photo

The Small Business Saturday (SBS) tour bus recently visited Brighton and parked up at Jubilee Library in the North Laine area, and for a very good reason. In tandem with the SBS campaign, it highlighted the opening of a new

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Charity Protects Homeless and Their Reputation

Billy Chip Token Side 1

A recent UK survey by Shelter has reported over 300,000 people as homeless.  Bristol-based charity called BillyChip has been formed to support the homeless nationally. Many homeless persons seeking support in the street are not given money to buy food

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