Registered Designs Rights Factsheet

A registered design protects the visual appearance of a product, part of a product, or its ornamentation. This can also apply to an industrial or handicraft item. This IP right gives protection for a product visual appearance including: ► lines

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CMC Guidance – Online & Remote Mediation

This guidance borrows heavily from CEDR’s guidance for mediators working remotely, published in 2016 The CMC is grateful to CEDR for allowing it to use that document as the basis for this guidance and to repeat much of that guidance. 

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The Responsible Business Audit

What it covers: The following is an outline of what the audit will cover remembering that in each area, where appropriate, this will include meeting legislation, good practice over and above being compliant, and ongoing development. The Workplace ◦ HR

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Helping Fraud Victims Recover Their Money

Helping fraud victims recover their money through alternatives to the criminal justice system. [embeddoc url=”” download=”all” viewer=”google”]

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A new e-book on tips and techniques to improve your writing skills is online for smart phone users and Kindle readers. It is free for a short period. The author, an award-winning management consultant, has designed it to be compatible

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Free IP Audit

Innovation support: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY “IP” ASSET REVIEW OFFER An IP review will identify existing and potential IP to help protect and capitalise your IP asset value. All SMEs create IP through new products and services, client databases, designs, logos, slogans,

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BCS Ethical Dilemmas

Ethics and dilemmas resolved

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The Salesperson’s Pocketbook

Bite-size reminders to win new business and keep customers for life.
Download The Salesperson’s Pocketbook [PDF]

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The Business Writing Pocketbook

Sensible suggestions for delivering straightforward messages
Download The Business Writing Pocketbook [PDF]

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Winning And Managing Sales

This briefing paper will help the reader improve the planning and management of sales, both direct business to business, and through distributors.

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