Case Study – Intellectual Property Mediation

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(source UK IPO)  A previous customer talks about how he felt when another party was possibly infringing his IP and how mediation worked for him. Mediation is a confidential matter and the customer mentioned within this case study is referred

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Consequences When The Other Party Refuses Mediation

The Court can impose penalties on parties which refuse to mediate, particular if they don’t articulate a good reason for their refusal. Silence in response to a request to mediate was held to be unreasonable and led to a cost

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CMC Guidance – Online & Remote Mediation

This guidance borrows heavily from CEDR’s guidance for mediators working remotely, published in 2016 The CMC is grateful to CEDR for allowing it to use that document as the basis for this guidance and to repeat much of that guidance. 

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CMC Registered Mediator

    About the CMC: Our Mission, Values and Aims Our Mission: To inspire all sectors of society to use mediation when managing and resolving disputes Our Values: Excellence, Innovation & Growth, Informed Debate, Openness & Inclusion Our Aims: EXCELLENCE:

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Post Mediation Guidance

The aim of this briefing note is to ensure that all parties leaving mediation make the most of the process and the outcomes OBJECTIVES: The objectives of workplace mediation are to prevent dispute escalation, resolve disputes sufficiently to restore effective

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Guide: Mediation in Supply Chains

Cost-Effective Solutions to Disputes Affecting the Supply Chain – Extracted from Wealth & Finance Magazine. Strategic Management Partners (SMP) was established in 1990 as a niche management consultancy, advising public quoted and private owned organisations during periods of significant change.

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Guide: Mediation in Psychometrics

Personality Profiling to Manage Others and Develop Oneself APPLICATIONS The use of personality profiling instruments has long been established as a method to assist in analysing people’s suitability for particular roles and their development needs. The most common application is

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Guide: Mediation for Successful Mergers and Acquistions

2016 saw the highest level of UK internal mergers and acquisitions since 2008, involving over 500 companies and over £20 Billion. The value of UK mergers with foreign firms was ten times higher. Yet experts say that less than 10%

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Guide: Mediation in IP

Protecting your Intellectual Property “IP” with Mediation THE PROBLEM Your IP includes your trademarks, product and service designs, supply chain and staff contracts, personal data, and customer records. It adds up to more than 50% of the real value of

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Guide to Mediation in Fraud

Fraud Recovery: A Pragmatic Alternative with Mediation  THE ISSUE More than 90% of businesses, charities and public sector organisations experience losses through fraud. Fraud can involve data theft, office equipment losses, invoice irregularities, specious customer claims to avoid payment, insurance

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