Testimonials and Reviews for Strategic Management Partners

Today marks the final day of my summer internship with Clive Bonny at Strategic Management Partners. Throughout these past 8 weeks I have had the opportunity to gain valuable experience of what it is like to work with a consultancy firm focused around sustainability.

During my internship, I’ve helped advise SMEs and start-ups on how to seek alternative finance and grant schemes to ensure effective IP protection. In addition to this, I’ve also helped to promote Clive’s educational videos on the importance of business continuity planning, which also led to securing more clients for the business.

With the help of zoom, I was able to network with a variety of establishments such as Brighton Chamber of Commerce and Sussex Innovation Centre. I also had the pleasure of representing PassivPod when talking to potential investors and helping build their client base ready for their launch next year.

Most of all I’d like to take the time to thank Clive Bonny for all the support and invaluable advice I have received. Especially during a pandemic where many internships were cancelled, Clive was able to accommodate me by using a flexible working approach (some days working from home). Thank you for the wonderfully opportunity!

Heather Suttie

Project Manager - European Consulting, Third Bridge

Hi Clive Thanks so much for the sales workshop today, so many great ideas that I will plan to use. 

Paul Barnes

Outsourced Technology Product & Delivery

Thank you to Clive Bonny from Strategic Management Partners for joining us last week on our BeautytoLife® programme and for sharing more on trademarks and how to secure investment, our students loved this and it really help to clarify through thoughts on how to go about applying for a trademark, and for investment to build their brand! 

If you are looking to build a brand in the beauty and wellness industry, and you would like to join a blended learning programme, delivered over 3-months together with a group of like-minded people, come and join us, we would love to have you on board.

Bespoke Advantage Beauty Brand Consultancy

Jamie Dixon

Help to Grow Feedback

Dear Clive

Thank you for your work on Brighton’s first cohort of H2G. Each of you played a key role in making H2G Cohort One successful both for participants and the university.

Many of the participants mentioned that there was a tremendous breadth of content to be absorbed in a short time (one told me that he would like to repeat the whole programme!) and it was only an opportunity to work with a skilled mentor that helped them to transform the content of H2G into practically useful principles and practices, 

your dedication, deep understanding of the H2G tools and techniques and your willingness to go the extra mile.

Help to Grow Team Photo

David L Francis PhD

Facilitator: Help to Grow Programme School of Business and Law, University of Brighton Elm House Brighton BN2 4GJ

Clean Growth UK Webinar Feedback

Dear Clive

Thank you for being part of the Clean Growth webinar today and affording us with a considerable amount of your time. I particularly enjoyed the breakout room sessions with you.

Without doubt, you have a remarkable depth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for all the aspects of business finance and management.

I would very much welcome an opportunity to introduce to Mortar Board Homes (MBH) and where we are on our exciting journey.

I am currently reviewing your comprehensive and at first glance, packed and useful sight for companies like MBH and businessmen like myself.

Thank you again, stay safe and healthy.

Garry Brown FCMI

Mortar Board Homes

Award Recognition for Clive Bonny


The Community Star Awards have been held at The Grand Hotel Brighton to recognise outstanding achievements by individuals and organisations in Sussex. Sponsors included AVT Connect, audiovisual specialists, Legal and General Insurance, Argus News and Heart FM Radio. Public community votes short-listed the top 3 in each category before experienced judges chose the winners.

The Award for Green Project of the Year has been given to eco-building designers Passiv Pod, based in Brighton. The company designs zero-carbon accommodation for holiday homes, classrooms, garden, offices and public spaces. The judges quoted Passiv Pod’s social and environmental benefits, highlighting Directors Mark Pellant and Clive Bonny plans to win public engagement for growth by offering private equity shares and crowd-funding to the public who seek sustainable accommodation for living, leisure and learning.

Co-Founding Director Clive Bonny collected the award saying “It’s great to see community recognition for off-site manufacturing of timber designs to reduce environmental damage and energy costs by over 80%. The public interest in Passiv Pod plans for shared equity ownership will help their innovation in social enterprise grow quickly to create sustainable employment, improve people’s health and boost student learning with biophilic benefits.”

For more information contact Mark Pellant map@koruarchitects.co.uk tele 01273 204065

Small business network Enterprise Nation asked businesses to nominate an adviser that had helped them to build and grow a sustainable business.

The awards, which set out to highlight the work done behind the scenes by experts helping Britain’s army of small businesses to build and grow, revealed a rich vein of dedicated supporters for the UK’s expanding entrepreneurial culture.

Read More Here

Akro Valve

We have been manufacturing water flow control valves in East Sussex for over 20 years. Our products maximise water efficiency for the water authorities, agriculture and industry, and save water in offices, homes, schools and hospitals. Global charities such as Oxfam and MSF use our systems to efficiently distribute clean water in overseas aid camps which helps save lives for displaced persons affected by drought, famine, war and natural disasters.

We are now expanding our business with innovative new products and in early 2017 the Green Growth Platform introduced us to Clive Bonny to advise us on how to manage our expansion challenges and ensure profitable business continuity.

Clive began with an audit of our intellectual property and has shown us how to register and protect our unique designs for up to 25 years at a nominal cost. Clive then helped us obtain a grant to fund his ongoing support for several months, helping us with strategic due diligence for a business acquisition, licencing, contracts and responsible business management. He is currently advising us on crowdfunding and introduced us to specialists in R and D tax credits and website design. Clive’s expertise and network connections in eco-innovation and funding are excellent and we’ll continue to draw on his skills to manage our future growth.


Matt Knight

Managing Director, Akro Valve

Valet Pro Ltd Specialising in Environmental Products and Services

Clive joined us as a Responsible Business Advisor. We manufacture and supply our own unique environmentally friendly car care products across UK, EU, and internationally.

Clive is MD of Strategic Management Partners working in partnership with Green Growth Platform to support eco-innovation companies across East Sussex. He has helped Green Growth Platform from its inception since 2014 providing essential business support to their low carbon SME’s, helping them create new jobs. Clive is a great fit for advising our business as he has achieved Gold Awards for Responsible Business Management every year since 2012 and has an excellent track record of success in environmental conservation, waste management and low carbon innovations. His scope of work for us has included training us to register and protect our intellectual property with our unique product designs, improving customer support processes, internal communications, clarifying roles and responsibilities, making our values explicit, and enhancing our business continuity. He helps us stop trademark copycats selling nasty chemical products to unsuspecting customers who want to buy eco-friendly solutions.

What makes him stand out from the crowd

Clients are very clear in how Clive helps others by applying ethical and sustainable business processes https://consult-smp.com/how-we-work

His initial audit process for Responsible Business Management enabled us to prioritise our actions and resource needs for future growth. It was easy to understand this as Clive’s own website shows how he has been audited by others and he publishes their reports on him online with open transparency https://consult-smp.com/check-invest/responsible-business-standards

He also demonstrates active engagement in many diverse environmental and conservation community projects  https://consult-smp.com/archive/category/responsible-business-management


These projects include volunteer education training in East Sussex schools on waste management

https://consult-smp.com/archive/2016/01/students-turn-wine-decanters-into-wall-art.html and co-founding an environmental education charity in Rottingdean which has created a nature reserve and is converting an unused building into a classroom for environmental management and community group use https://www.beaconhubbrighton.org/

He devotes a lot of unpaid voluntary time to environmental projects which will make a massive global difference. He shares knowledge freely and openly by publishing his ethical expertise



His e-books are environmentally friendly and an easy read


and finally his own strategy for sustainably really works, as shown with top marks in his practices below


Greg Spink

Managing Director, Valet Pro Ltd

Beacon Hub Brighton

My role is Trustee & Secretary of the Beacon Hub Brighton Charity formed in 2014. Our charity has been awarded a land and building lease by Brighton City Council to develop and manage a significant amount of community space for education, recreation and tourism purposes.  I can confirm Clive’s activities and impacts supporting our charity as follows:

From 2014 to 2019 Clive has been instrumental in providing high-quality practical advice on our governance and formation structure; stakeholder communications with Council, education bodies and community groups; negotiations of contract terms; management of governance and project risks; advising on crowd-funding, alternative finance, grant fund options, marketing and PR. Clive initially held the role of co-founding Trustee for 2 years during which time he was active in generating positive press and public relations, negotiating with council land agents, and winning the support of community groups including local councillors. 2015 to 2019 Clive has continued to be an external mentor to our board of trustees, including myself. Clive’s input into drafting our proposal supporting community change to City Council (which was subsequently accepted) was particularly valued on our costed activities, outputs and impacts (social and environmental) as shown below.


A particular recent success has been the granting of an extended lease by City Council to our charity for 25 years and our raising over £100,000 to build a community classroom hub on a nature reserve. We continue to work closely with Clive as a trusted professional advisor.

Atlanta Cook beaconhubbrighton@gmail.com tele 07767 341059

Atlanta Cook

Trustee & Secretary, Beacon Hub Brighton

laptop and notepad

New Brand Vision

New Brand Vision: marketing agency with blue-chip technology clients including key supplier to Microsoft.

Opportunity to grow by widening high-value service portfolio with interim management offer using web-based value proposition to attract fast track clients


* Successful Marketing Agency since 2001

* Blue Chip client base (incl Microsoft)

* USP’s Technology and Creativity

* Want growth via innovative diversification

Avenues Explored

* Synergy links to core services

* Risk / return and cost / benefit ratios

* Resourcing people, processes, technology

* Market Assessment: primary and secondary

* Specialist business Press reviews

* Mystery Shopping movers and shakers

Mystery Shopping Process

* On line search engines and key players

* Email enquiries with open response

* Calibrate service and content quality

* Telephone and face to face assessment

* Referrals by Trade Bodies / Associations

* Financial searches via Companies House

Project Outcomes

* Profiled Supplier Leaders / Laggards

* Defined supply chain wants and needs

* Created delivery business model

* Matched and optimised value proposition

* Analysed cost/benefit options

* Drafted client action plan with tasks/times

Client’s Impact Assessment

* Increase revenue by £500K year 2

* Improve brand profile in high-value market

* Created 2-4 new self-managing jobs

* 10 new clients within 12 months

* Cross referrals to core services


MD Ben Harris “Smart research of the internet by Clive has qualified a significant market opportunity for creating new jobs and high margin revenue. Delivering all with just 5 days of innovative support. Outstanding.”

Visit their site: www.newbrandvision.com

Ben Harris

Managing Director, New Brand Vision

Hammonds Furniture Limited

Clive’s advice to me on trademarking and handling objections and disputes on my registered intellectual property has been succinct, relevant, accurate and timely. He is the best value advisor I’ve had as he does not charge for the expensive overheads billed by traditional law firms. He is well qualified to advise on both intellectual property and dispute mediation as shown on his website www.consult-smp.com. Clive is very accessible and I recommend him to others.

Thank you.

Steve Culwick


Steve Culwick

Designer, Hammonds Furniture Limited

City Business Services

Rivington House business office facilities provider since 1983 in City hotspot

Opportunity to boost incubator growth for new breed entrepreneurs looking for innovative service provision.

Outcomes for City Business

* Benchmarked Innovation Centre services in and out of City

* Researched clients perceived value of current and future options

* Designed Innovation Workshop to attract and retain new clients.

* Repositioned offer to attract new customers with enhanced service focused on Entrepreneurship skills. MD G Koumi says

* “Clive completed the project to high quality without diversion of my time or my busy support staff”


Kenwood Travel


Luxury travel operator to exotic destinations delivering personalised advice for discerning globe-trotters. Opportunity to create higher quality service using digital vocal mapping to identify and match client VHF

Outcomes for Kenwood

* Behavioural benchmarking of call operators, balanced scorecard of behaviours to match clients, facilitated customer sales assessment of VHF Visual Hearing and Feeling experience. The coaching process based on best practice, retention of new operators with faster induction

* G Koumi MD says “We pride ourselves with unique advice for people who want the best. Clive’s innovation processes will ensure we maintain the highest standards of service in our industry, and keep our customers coming back”

* www.kenwoodtravel.com

G Koumi

Managing Director, Kenwood Travel

Action for Change

Health specialists with over 20 years experience helping people across society overcome addictions to lead more fulfilling lives.

We are developing high-value services in both private and public sectors by adopting benchmark quality practices to deliver sustainable change.

Outcomes for Action for Change

* Reduced risk with business continuity assessment

* Developed strategic plan to prioritise objectives

* Clarified team actions to link department plans

* Personal coaching enabling function management

* Practical advice on bidding for external funding

* Supplied research reports to develop new service

* “The flexibility of a tailored onsite development programme by Clive Bonny has made a positive impact on the whole team, the quality of our future services and our ability to grow” John Reading MD


John Reading

Managing Director, Action For Change

Beeston Group build award-winning lodges for leisure and second homes in unique country park settings. Articulating environmental science innovations creates high investment benefits for clients and differentiates design value.

Outcomes for Beston

* Researched best practice for energy-saving designs, applied technology know-how into high value proposition, onsite creative problem-solving workshops to team-build, articulated technology into return on investment for clients

* MD Timothy Hay says “Clive translated environmental science data into jargon-free advice for clients. This created an immediate £100,000 deal and is boosting our latest development of over 50 Lodges in New Hall Harwich. Clive’s practical advice is a great investment”


Timothy Hay

Managing Director, Beston

Feedback from Baseline Personnel Security Vetting BPSS

Very many thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us through your excellent presentations and for providing copies of your slides for the website.

* “All of us enjoyed the evening and benefited from the wealth of information that we received both from the formal part and the informal discussions that followed.” Rajan  – Chair Joint Consultants Forum for British Computer Society


Chair, Joint Consultants Forum for British Computer Society

I have been working with Clive Bonny for over 2 years on the Green Growth Platform project. Clive is one of our strategic business coaches and special advisor on IP and crowdfunding. He has supported lots of our low carbon and environmental companies with their business development.

Clive is always enthusiastic, helpful, very knowledgeable and provides insightful ideas, actions, and advice for our members. Often going the extra mile and seeking opportunities for business development, funding, competitions and PR. Clive is great fun to work with and supports me in my role.

Lorraine Bell

Business Support Manager, University of Brighton

I’ve had the honour and privilege of working with SMP’s MD Clive Bonny for a number of years in my role as Chief National Assessor for the Institute of Consulting (IC). Clive has been an invaluable asset to our National Assessment Team, conducting assessments and supporting the development of national professional standards for consultants, advisers and business coaches. Clive’s enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism have contributed greatly in developing the quality of work and standards of professionalism within our sector which, in turn, has resulted an enhanced quality of support to help UK and international businesses to not only survive, but actually thrive despite the current challenging economic climate. Clive has impressed greatly with his ability to contribute to the strategic development of enhanced performance initiatives and the on-going practical support offered to consultants, advisers and business coaches within the sector.

– Martin Rice MBA FCIPD FIC FCMI CMC CBA CMgr CEO Next Level Impact – Chief National Assessor (Institute of Consulting)

Martin Rice

Chief National Assessor, Next Level Impact


“I found the training very useful thank-you. As discussed I’d be very interested in working with you in sectors where there are reciprocal business and networking opportunities. Many thanks.”

Oli Setíkovská Development Manager – Greenwich Community Health Services & NHS Greenwich

“Thanks for attending the event today, it was a great success and your section definitely got everybody thinking and motivated. Thanks again.”

Emma Moody HR Projects Adviser – Greenwich Teaching Primary Care Trust

“I found the training very useful thank-you. As discussed I’d be very interested in working with you in sectors where there are reciprocal business and networking opportunities. Many thanks.”

Roger S – ECS leading EU Technology Asset Funders

“Thanks Clive. It was a very helpful day and concluding with an action plan was excellent. I’ll come back to you if I need further help. Best wishes.”

Alastair C – Solicitor Partner

“Many Thanks for a good day yesterday. I believe it went extremely well and all candidates got so much out of it. Once again many thanks and I look forward to meeting with you again shortly. Would recommend to others.”

Kind Regards Andrew W – Business Continuity Services

“I found the course very helpful by the end of the day I could see that it was developed to meet the specific needs of attendees. The area I found most useful was the brief section on change management. Hope this is helpful. Do keep me up to date on other courses you offer and I’ll see what might be useful in the future. Kind regards.”

Stephen E – Chief Executive – Charitable Trust

“Just a short note to say thank you for your invitation yesterday. I found it very enjoyable and useful.”

Justine L – MD – Motor Services

“stimulated discussions with ease, always great to learn more”

John P – MD – Catering and Foods

“It was a very good day. The most useful, was probably a task list that I built up through the day showing things that myself and my business partner need to do. Ideas from Clive mostly, but sometimes from the other delegates.”

Mark D – IT Solutions

“You are professional and know what you’re talking about. You are somebody that is happy to challenge people on how they are doing things in a way that is non threatening and helps them to develop.”

Catherine G – BD Executive – Leadership Development

Feedback from training sessions

In the last few years our business growth has exceeded an already high growth rate in products and services which combine high environmental quality with sustainable energy savings. Product and service innovations have enabled our market leadership and we have taken steps to register and protect the intellectual property for over 20 patents, designs and trademarks. Our growth brings challenges with our supply chain and we are constantly striving to ensure those trusted relationships are also sustained long term.

Strategic Management Partners are an important part of that successful growth and Clive Bonny has been instrumental in delivering high value services for our intellectual property protection, our employee development and our ability to advise on potential partnering for merger and acquisition. His advisory experience and “check-invest” process has facilitated reviews with potential merging companies, and has added value to all parties. We are happy to endorse his services to mitigate risks for investors and fund-raisers alike.

-Alistair Bell MD ThermogroupUK. ThermogroupUK are a leading international supplier of sustainable heating solutions.

ThermoGroup UK

Below is intern Lewis Poku’s journal from placement at Strategic Management Partners, funded by the University of Sussex as part of the First Generation Scholar scheme. This learning journal is a collection of notes, observations, thoughts and other relevant materials built-up over the duration of Lewis’s placement.

“I have been hugely inspired! Thanks to the experience of this internship I am currently in the process of starting up my own businesses. While in its early days over the past month it has flourish from an idea and concept into a prototype digital platform that has been tested on students nationwide!”

Click on the link below to download:

First Generation Scholar Internship 2015

In what capacity did the consultant work with you? (E.g. coach, mentor, technical specialist, process specialist, project manager, advisor etc.)

“Clive is Lead member of the Faculty and Programme Management Team ReCh Management Centre is a world class International Training Firm with the head office in London and several other training centres in Dubai, Nigeria, USA and Ghana. ReCh is known not only for the provision of the highest quality training and development services, but also for its continuing ethical approach to business. We specialise our training to address the need of the management of both the public and private sector. We also work with international funding bodies to achieve a successful completing of project as it relates to training.”

What were the agreed measurable outcomes of the assignment?

“Each programme is tailored to agreed measurable outcomes related to the client management team’s strategic and operational objectives. Clive has designed and delivered in UK and abroad a wide range of change management programmes for senior heads of public services and corporate managers. These have included Values Based Leadership, Ethical Reputation and Risk Management, Project and Programme Management, Public Governance, Accountability and Competency, Capacity Building, Procurement Contract Management, Community Development, PR and Marketing Communications, Corporate Rewards and Benefits, Strategic Planning, Building Teams and Supply Chains.”

To what extent were the agreed outcomes achieved?

“We recognise that people learn and respond to training in different ways. We, therefore, aim to strike a balance between presenting essential background information and facilitating participative exercises that are both challenging and motivating, and that enable real experiential learning to take place. Clive’s design and delivery methodology ensures our clients share their challenges in detail and develop their own unique solutions with robust action plans.”

What was the added value of the assignment for your organisation?

“We design all our courses to maximise real learning that can be transferred directly to the workplace. Our training has become well-known for enabling learning through the exchange of experiences and ideas, facilitating motivating practical exercises to consolidate learning, presenting key ideas in a straightforward and memorable way, providing high-quality written support materials to take away, offering follow-up support to clarify any learning points after the course has ended and offering certificates of attendance on completion of any course. Clive’s programmes meet our exacting standards with preparatory work materials, relevant best practice examples, practical case studies and follow up support materials to embed change.”

How well did the consultant work with you and your people?

“Our faculty is an experienced team of international experts working with very demanding clients who are responsible for multi-million-pound investment programmes enabling community regeneration. Clive works well with multi-cultural stakeholders operating in demanding environments.”

Please comment on their professionalism and ethics

“Clive practices what he preaches in his book published by the Economist on Business Ethics. He applies the Code of Professional Conduct standard.”

How clear was the consultant’s thinking? Was it innovative?

“Our clients need innovation and entrepreneurship support to resolve significant organisation challenges. Clive takes and pragmatic approach combining recognised strategic tools and techniques such as balanced scorecard with creative thinking.”

How well did they handle the complexity of the assignment?

“Our clients bring complex challenges to us to better manage their resources across the areas of public governance, education, health, community development and organisation behaviour. Clive’s facilitation outputs use tools such as Cultural Dimensions, Psychometrics, Force Field analysis, McKinsey 7S, PESTLE, Dilemma Grids, Mind Maps, Decision Ladders, and others. His group problem-solving is clearly charted on the walls using process mapping, flow-charts and risk matrices.”

Did the consultant give clear advice and take responsibility for it?

“Clive’s advice is clearly communicated, with responsible accountability. His relationship influencing also ensures our clients are engaged and commit to shared responsibility for change.”

Would you work with this consultant again and would you recommend his/her services?

“Our training style is relatively informal, but always appropriate to the subject matter and to the situation. We believe that whilst personal effectiveness can be understood on an intellectual level, learning that brings about the desired changes requires a supportive and enabling environment. We therefore encourage delegates to explore their own behaviour, attitudes and potential during our courses, and to take risks and to learn from their ‘mistakes’. We continue to work with Clive and often call on his services at short notice to meet immediate client needs.”


Lola Charles

Director of Business Development, ReCh Management Centre