Particular areas of focus may include, but are not limited to:, community engagement, training and recruitment within the community, human resource policies, support for local organisations, environmental impact, supply chain management and business sustainability
Our Motto is Success Breeds Success when Values Sustain Value
Our strategy is to link our core activities to national Responsible Business standards, be independently assessed by a qualified verification body, promoting these standards across the supply chain and to the wider business community. 20% of time is invested in voluntary work and pro-bono activities. We have purposefully remained a micro business to keep costs low for clients, whilst acting as a hub for diverse management partners to link with our projects.

We initiate links with businesses, charities, social enterprises, education bodies and leverage joint capabilities to create real sustainable change. We have develop mutually supportive relationships with many cross-sector organisations in the Gatwick Diamond including the Sustainable Business Partnership for environmental projects, Brighton University Green Growth Platform for eco-innovation, Brighton and Hove Want to Work Scheme for employability, Brighton, Hove and Lewis business associations for knowledge sharing, Brighthelm Community Centre for business incubations, private health companies and community gyms for wellbeing, NHS SE regional Innovation panel for health innovations, Grassroots suicide prevention for mental health, Organic Roofs for energy conservation, apprentice and internship providers for employability, Lemon Bus CIC for school recycling, Sussex Heart Foundation to raise funds for defibrillators.

Example initiatives:
Creating a Brighton Sustainability Forum with local businesses to share environmental management practices; this linked participants to additional knowledge networks including Utilise and Carbon Hub;
We ran monthly Want To Work Social Media Masterclasses for Sussex apprentices to assist their employability;
Bringing together 18 international experts on business governance to co-author Business Ethics published by The Economist as an international reference book on ethical best practice for public and private organisations; This was the Economist first non-profit hardback with profits recycled to good causes;
Designing and delivering seminars on business continuity, data protection, innovation, and responsible business standards on a non-profit voluntary basis eg a programme sponsored by the Royal Society of Arts Manufactures and Commerce to enhance awareness and skills in recycling waste textiles back into business and into the community. This engaged over 500 local school students in remaking and reselling old clothes into new items. Brighton Fashion Week graduates also remade garments into the worlds largest pompom which was then recycled into new garments.

Winning trust and leveraging limited resources has been key:
SMP is a small business with a big aspiration to make a positive impact on a large scale. We leverage the power of other organisations by partnering with other independent specialists. Many have low overheads and all offer high value services to clients who could not otherwise afford professional support delivered onsite and tailored to each client’s needs. Partners have included professional bodies, public sector agencies, leadership trainers, social media specialists, community interest companies, environmental experts, school entrepreneurship academies, retailers, builders and leisure companies. For additional affordability SMP researches and accesses government grant schemes every year reducing support fees by over 50%. This has enabled many more small to medium sized enterprises to access professionally qualified advisors, improve their business continuity and employ more people.
SMP is an accredited advisor and assessor for Business Consultancy Qualifications and Background Personnel Security Standards, resulting in long-term employability for hundreds of professional advisors. SMP promotes other social enterprise support bodies such as the Organisation for Responsible Businesses, Beacon Hub Brighton and
How does this work?
SMP has been annually audited since 2012 for Responsible Business standards by independent qualified specialists. Audits cover Workplace, Community Stakeholders, Environment, Marketplace, Ethics, Values, Transparency, Business Processes and Continuity Plans, using external benchmarks and evidence based marking systems. Gold standards have been achieved and maintained. Our audit reports are attached.
We have promoted responsible business standards via news, social media, radio campaigns and an extensive network of local and national trade bodies and business associations. This has been endorsed by our local MP and local councillors. Future SMP responsible business performance is supported by specific measurable improvement targets.

The impact 

The culture of Responsibility has been led by the MD’s lifelong involvement in voluntary work. This began at school organising events for disabled persons, leading to a VSO year abroad in an African Mission, then founding a business education forum assisting student employability. Since 1990 SMP has continuously partnered with non-profit social enterprises providing pro-bono support for environmental education and social enterprise activities.
SMP business objectives focus on Principles and Productivity
SMP has a proven record of responsible profitable business sustainability since 1990. Besides advising on Responsible Standards our complementary services cover Business Continuity Planning, Risk Management, Mediation, Governance training, Ethics and Fraud, Mystery Shopping, and Intellectual Property protection. These are all key productivity topics for responsible businesses, ensuring SMP business flow has remained continuous and stable. SMP has partnered with public bodies to run free open seminars on these topics, stimulating client contracting. SMP responsible business practices have directly reduced clients and SMP’s operating costs for travel, office equipment, maintenance, insurances, post, telephones, heating, lighting, printing, and marketing. SMP client service capabilities have also been enhanced with new service provisions focused on good governance, social responsibility and environmental management.
Our achievements in Responsible Business Standards have been audited to Gold Standard since 2012 by the Organisation for Responsible Businesses an independent national verification body
MD Clive Bonny comments: we invest voluntary time promoting SME community public support services including the IPO, British Library, GrowthAccelerator, Growth Vouchers, Innovation programmes and University initiatives such as Green Growth Platform. We continuously develop new services as a result of changing economic, social, and environmental circumstances. These include IP protection and registration, mediation, risk management, fraud prevention, background personnel security vetting, data protection, and advising on national Responsible Business Standards. We are transparent in showing certificates and audit reports on our business operations conducted by an independent verification body. This uniquely details how our business meets national Responsible Business Standards for managing the workplace, environment, community support activities, ethics, values, transparency, business processes and continuity. These reports are publicly accessible from our website and linkedin.
SMP communications with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders are forthright and openly transparent. SMP website shows clear terms of business, policies, values, and how we work with stakeholders supported by case studies. These links demonstrate long standing responsible Social Media management. Sharing such activities online allows SMP to share globally the impact of responsible business actions and outcomes. Examples are accessible online below: