6 Personnel Background Checking Tips by Clive Bonny

Clive Bonny Award

Personnel Background Checking 6 Tips by Clive Bonny 1 ensure your recruitment policy includes UK Gov standard BPSS procedure 2 ensure new joiners and all staff know your published policy and procedure 3 include key contractors, professional advisors and non-executive

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New Company Trends for Past 12 Months – Jan 2021

Strategic Management Partners in 2020 retail.png Analysis of Companies House data by the Centre for Entrepreneurs shows there were 772,002 new businesses last year, up 13.25% on 2019. Major increases in the manufacturing and retail of medical equipment, pharmaceutical goods, cleaning products. The percentage of

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BCS Ethical Dilemmas

Ethics and dilemmas resolved

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Winning And Managing Sales

This briefing paper will help the reader improve the planning and management of sales, both direct business to business, and through distributors.

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Best Practice to Build Teams

The purpose of this briefing paper is to recommend a combination of tools and techniques to consider in order to improve the productive cooperation of people inside and outside the business.

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Supporting and Retaining New Managers

The aim of this briefing paper is to enable employers to minimise the time taken to apply the skills of incoming employees and to reduce the risks of costly mistakes during probationary or “honeymoon” periods.

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Best Practice Quality Management

Investors In Excellence (IIE) is a management tool based on the internationally recognised benchmark of best practice, The Business Excellence Model. It helps managers review and clarify their key actions and results to achieve their goals at work.

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Matrix Management For Flexible European Companies

Across Europe downsizing has stimulated the use of contingency workers in all sectors and at all levels of business, from clerical staff to board directors. At the same time improvements in communication technologies have dramatically facilitated the reach and speed

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Values Sustain Value

This is a best practice briefing paper on the benefits of clarifying organisation values. This article describes for senior managers a subject which, if misunderstood, can cause damage to themselves, their colleagues and the public perception of their organisation. The

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Using The HR Balanced Scorecard

The HR Balanced Scorecard is a framework developed by Kaplan and Norton in Harvard USA which balances the value of strategic inputs (“leading indicators”) with financial outputs (“lagging indicators”) to enable an organisation to improve the way it plans, measures

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