Personnel Background Checking

6 Tips by Clive Bonny

1 ensure your recruitment policy includes UK Gov standard BPSS procedure

2 ensure new joiners and all staff know your published policy and procedure

3 include key contractors, professional advisors and non-executive Directors

4 keep, renew and destroy all records as stipulated by the standard

5 check cv claims of education qualifications and employment records

6 conduct a competency-based interview to test knowledge


EXAMPLE hiring an external intellectual property advisor. There are many unqualified persons advising on IP rights. The majority of qualified lawyers are not qualified to advise on IP rights. Basic knowledge questions could include


How long are authors protected for their written works?

How long are Crown Copyright works protected?

What is a CMO?


Can stylised UK national flags be registered as trademarks?

Can all charities own registered trademarks?

How many trademarks can be registered within one single application?

Re UK DESIGN registration

Is infringement a civil or a criminal offence?

How long does registered design protection last?

Can a design application include both line drawings and photos?


1 Does buying a domain name also give you the IP Rights to use it?

2 Can all domain names be registered as trademarks?

3 Can domain names be registered as designs?


Do not sign up an expensive “professional” expert without proper due diligence checks

Caveat Emptor = Buyer Beware

Ps For answers to the above questions contact