Consult SMP Working With Enterprise Clients

Enterprise Clients Examples below of consultancy and coaching support delivered by SMP for entrepreneurs and start-ups. These projects were fully funded by Clean Growth UK. The support provided short regular advisory sessions spread over several weeks online and face to

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Clive Bonny Interviewed By Top Consultant

Clive Bonny, founder of Strategic Management Partners says “How people work is as important as what they achieve”. The creed at Strategic Management Partners is “Values sustain value, success breeds success;” and founder Clive Bonny says that in client relationships,

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Values Sustain Value

This is a best practice briefing paper on the benefits of clarifying organisation values. This article describes for senior managers a subject which, if misunderstood, can cause damage to themselves, their colleagues and the public perception of their organisation. The

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Applying Ethics In Organisations

_This article was co-authored by Clive Bonny and Chris Moon and has been extracted from the conclusions in the book Business Ethics published by The Economist._ There is evidence that business is facing up to ethical issues. Clearly unethical conduct

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Using Values To Add Value To Sales

This case study shows how to apply the values of Partnership to grow new business with improved teamwork.

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Unethical Statistics Announced At Business Leaders Event

A business networking event attracted over twenty business chiefs at the London Lanesborough Hotel to hear from a published specialist for corporate social responsibility regarding the challenges and opportunities affecting the reputation of business leaders. The event included discussions on

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