Strategic Management Partners helps organisations to become more successful. We facilitate organisational change, business growth and individual professional development. Our role as an independent consultancy is to support you with objective and practical advice and opportunities to develop your business skills and improve your organisation’s effectiveness.

Through strategic planning advice, proven process improvements, training, coaching and professional development, we help our clients to achieve exceptional performance.

We do this in a number of ways:

  • We enable clients to set smart goals
    We enable clients to set smart goals
    • Ensuring the business plan is derived from the client’s vision and market reality
    • Developing objectives through structured diagnosis
    • Sharing plans with all stakeholders
    • Exploring new markets and potential service offerings
  • We help clients share information
    We help clients share information
    • Aligning internal and external communications strategy
    • Auditing information design and content management
    • Exploring new channels tailored to client needs
  • We help clients share learning
    We help clients share learning
    • Supplying innovative knowledge management systems
    • Benchmarking best practice inside and outside market sectors
    • Measuring and publicising individual success stories
  • We help people innovate with energy
    We help people innovate with energy
    • Developing innovation using Imagineering techniques
    • Facilitating team problem-solving creativity workshops
    • Encouraging, measuring and rewarding risk management
  • We help clients live their values
    We help clients live their values
    • Helping clients publish and practise a Code of Conduct
    • Encouraging clients to foster diversity, tolerance and a no-blame culture
    • Refining client values into behavioural standards

How we work:

We Operate As A Consortium

The role of independent consultancy is to support clients with objective and practical advice. Key to this is ensuring that the right person is found for each specific role required for each distinct project. Strategic Management Partners operates as a consortium. This gives clients access to a unique independent body of subject matter experts who are specially chosen to fulfil specific briefs.

Because our Partners are experienced owner-managers they do not move from one practice to another. They are not full time on our payroll so we do not pass on unused or unnecessary personnel costs to our clients. They are not diverted by internal practice management issues.

Our Consortium members are available to perform specific roles as and when needed by the client. Our Partners have team-worked with each other over many years and offer long-standing accessibility for clients who may look for a resource to tap into over a sustained period of time.

We Make No Assumptions

Every project is undertaken on a tailored basis. We have no “off-the-shelf” solutions. All work is approached as unique with no recommendations before client needs are properly analysed.

We perform initial diagnostics – often without charge – to satisfy stakeholders that we can add value to our clients before significant commitments are made. All proposals describe our deliverables and processes so clients know what and how we will deliver in advance.

We Analyse Needs Carefully

business-257911_1920We begin each assignment by checking our understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to client success. Since the service we provide stems from practical “hands-on” experience of business management, we seek to initiate all assignments by familiarising ourselves at first-hand with each client’s objectives, plans and operations and people in the areas relevant to the assignment. Our role as independent practitioners helps us to avoid conflicts of interest.

As expert facilitators we focus on forming a close working relationship at the earliest possible stage with all stakeholders involved in order to create synergy with our pooled resources. It is not unnatural for client personnel sometimes to feel sensitivity towards outside consultants. We therefore consider it of prime importance to work closely with them right from the beginning of the project in order to calm any fears they may have as to our intentions.

We Advise Options Objectively

After an initial survey of needs we report our findings and suggest options with costed outcomes. This allows clients to make decisions from a “helicopter view” on the long- term implications of each route.

We help our clients to identify alternative ways to succeed as projects evolve rather than remain unchanging. We regularly review these “signposts for success” to ensure best value. This allows us to flex activities in line with changing circumstances.

We Implement Cost-Effectively

We have substantial resources through an established team of professionally qualified independent business advisers. Clients are free to make as much or as little use of our know-how as they choose. On multi-task programmes we manage our skills-bank to add value where appropriate.

At the end of each project we evaluate progress and client successes based on best practice project management methods to gather and analyse quantitative and qualitative information. This is assessed against project objectives, inputs, activities, outputs, impacts and value for money.

Our recommendations balance client issues, challenges and strengths. Consideration is naturally given to the effectiveness of the operation as measured by its ability to match performance against management objectives and marketing potential. Particular attention is paid to the employment of human resources and the effectiveness of the client company’s “people” operations as a whole.

We build on success as “Success Breeds Success”.

We create sustainable value through customer focus, transparent teamwork, and a practical approach to problem-solving, avoiding cumbersome systems.

We provide:

* Qualified consultants with proven track records
* Cost-effective and flexible delivery options
* Practitioners who propose, design, deliver and evaluate
* Focus on customer objectives and stakeholder needs

We pride ourselves on our values:

* Honesty – we explain risk as well as reward
* Openness – we share our methodology with clients
* People – we take care when proposing changes
* Independence – we are objective but not remote
* Teamwork – we share resource to achieve results