CIPD Endorsement

CIPD: Championing better work and working lives I’m writing to thank you for your long-term membership of the CIPD and for your ongoing service to the HR and L&D profession. Our records show that you’ve been a member of the

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IP Training Modules

IP Training Options by Clive Bonny   The modules below can be mixed and matched for specific needs 1 IP disclosure risks, confidentiality agreements, and supply chain terms 2 Design protection and registration 3 Copyright protection rules and permitted exceptions

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Innovative Coaching For Top Performers

The purpose of this case study is to share best practice on how an already successful FTSE 100 organisation produced a high return on a small investment in coaching its highest performing people to stay successful. Background Challenges The business

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Matrix Management

Tomorrow’s successful European company needs matrix management if it is to survive. This case study is a real example of a company achieving that management style, even if it was driven to it by accident. Established in l985, the business

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Matrix Management For Flexible European Companies

Across Europe downsizing has stimulated the use of contingency workers in all sectors and at all levels of business, from clerical staff to board directors. At the same time improvements in communication technologies have dramatically facilitated the reach and speed

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Try Before You Buy

This case study describes how an organisation used Interim Management to identify substantial cost-savings and at the same time create a catalyst for organisation development.

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Mentoring For Improvement

The aim of this case study is to show how an organisation can design an internal mentoring service to improve management development, retention and internal operations.

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Using The HR Balanced Scorecard

The HR Balanced Scorecard is a framework developed by Kaplan and Norton in Harvard USA which balances the value of strategic inputs (“leading indicators”) with financial outputs (“lagging indicators”) to enable an organisation to improve the way it plans, measures

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Developing People With Outdoor Experiential Learning

The purpose of this briefing paper by Clive Bonny is to advise on his benchmark processes and outcomes when using OEL as a means to improve team and individual effectiveness. This outlines OEL options and differences between facility suppliers. OEL

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Personality Profiling

The use of personality profiling instruments has long been established as a method to assist in analysing people’s suitability for particular roles and their development needs. The most common application is for recruitment as the risks and costs of mistakes

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