Ryan Warmbold – Manchester Airport – Special Constable

Ryan Warmbold was caught out this year for falsifying a reference by his previous inspector when he applied for a security job at Manchester airport. The fraud was uncovered when Warmbold undertook training at the airport, during which he falsely claimed that his co-worker had criminal links.

During an investigation into these remarks, Warmbold’s new employer traced the original references he had given and found that his previous inspector had not, in fact, provided a reference. The airport required candidates in this role to have a five-year working history. However, Warmbold had been fired from his previous position at a school and had only been a special constable for two years before this. He also suggested during his trial that he had made up his reference from the school as he had been dismissed as a result of fake social media accounts set up by an ex-partner.

Warmbold was given a 24-weeks suspended sentence and was ordered to complete 100 hours of unpaid work.

Full reporting of the story can be found on Manchester Evening News here.

83% of employers have found discrepancies in their candidate’s CVs and application

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CV Fraud Infographic

A “better quality of hire” could be attributed to a number of things:

■ Candidates having their credentials verified to ensure they can do the job they’re hired for

■ Candidates who don’t meet the required job specification may be deterred from applying if they know they will be screened

■ Candidates know that they won’t be able to get away with misrepresenting themselves on their resume/CV/application forms

■ Candidates may be more likely to be open and transparent in their interview if they know their details will be checked at a later stage Meanwhile, “more consistent safety and security” could also be due to a number of factors:

■ Background screening can help identify details of a candidate’s past that may make them unsuitable for your workplace

■ Rescreening and/or employee monitoring can help to keep you aware of any changes to your employees’ circumstances that may impact their ability to do their job

■ Background screening shows your candidates that you take your hiring due diligence seriously

■ Screening can also help you to protect the public image of your brand

Discrepancies in a candidate’s employment history could be for a number of reasons:

■ They misremembered their details

■ They are trying to look like they held a more senior position, or worked for a well-known company that they did not work for

■ They are trying to bolster their resume/CV with fake qualifications*

■ They are trying to hide a period of non-employment

■ They may have fallen out with a previous employer and don’t want them to be contacted for a reference/verification of their employment

Source HireRight

Background Checks Infographic