Our IP review will identify existing and potential IP to help protect and capitalise your IP asset value. All organisations large and small create IP through new products and services, client databases, designs, logos, slogans, trademarks, contracts, confidential data and public website content.

IP assets often represent over 50% of the total asset value of a business. IP assets can be bought and sold, licensed, franchised and used as collateral to fund growth.  Protecting your IP enhances your brand reputation and stops expensive infringement costs.


Every day unprotected IP is copied by competitors and stolen by staff and contractors. Companies also unwittingly buy or use IP which is supplied illegally by others who have not checked ownership. Ignorance is no defence and all profits from IP infringements can be claimed retrospectively by IP owners. Common risks of not registering your trademark include your competitors buying your name as a Google keyword to take your online enquiries; your website may have a photo owned by a third party; sub-contractors may retain ownership of content and designs they sell to you; others owning your domain names; yet design and trademark applications cost as little as £60 to £170 for protection up to 10 years.


This IP review is tailored to your needs. Our scope includes data protection, designs, logos, trademarks, copyright, contracts with staff and supply chains, staff qualifications for work, information governance policies and procedures, research and development for products and services. Every business creates its own IP in different ways and our review scope prioritises your areas of greatest value. All our clients have prevented infringement costs.


The IP review helps you protect and obtain the best value from your IP assets. It also reduces the risks of infringements and expensive legal action against you for unwitting infringements such as downloading stock photos or using logos before checking IP registers. Some clients have obtained R and D tax credits over £20,000. We can identify potential opportunities for R and D credit applications.  A summary of IP risks is on our short videos or email


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