Based in South East We are a resource to help organisations and individuals become more successful by providing sound strategic advice and proven process improvements. We use established processes to highlight key issues under the below headings regarding your organisation’s effectiveness. We have recorded a wealth of articles, case studies and press releases, to find out more about each follow the links below:


Business Growth

Help your business thrive by helping you embrace social and environmental considerations. It is often the smallest actions that have the greatest impact. We support organisations by helping them with:







We advise and assess for national awards programmes so that our clients receive the recognition they deserve, and the positive publicity brands them as Employers of Choice.

Research and Evaluation

Previous projects have examined issues including:


Value for money

Value to the industry

Operating context


Opportunities for improvement

Our research data can be collected from sources including:

Government departments

Public sector bodies

Industry institutes and societies

HR management

“Trained and accredited as an independent Workplace Mediator for Accelerated Dispute Resolution. It is better to lead by example rather than by decree.” We support individuals to develop their leadership skills in areas such as:





“If we can go deep into ourselves we will find we possess exactly what it is we desire.”

We support individuals to develop their motivation around:





Process Innovation

“Ask for advice from the experienced rather than the learned.”

We support organisations through their development with:

Performance Measurement

Knowledge Management

Process Improvement

Management Development

“Today is the tomorrow that you were worried about yesterday.”

We support individuals in developing their work life in areas such as:





Marketing and Sales

“We may want what we want when we want it, but more often we get what we get when we get it.”

We support organisations in their marketing through:

Planning and Target Setting

Alliance Partnering

Sales Development

Customer Relations

Sustainability and Community

Strategic Management Partners can help your business thrive by helping you embrace social and environmental considerations within your business. Strategic Management Partners has been awarded the gold standard in the Responsible Business Standard and is also an assessor of the standard.

Organisations are being increasingly required by law (Companies Act 2006) to ensure they meet specific standards in environmental and social governance. “Triple Bottom Line ESG” reporting (Environmental, Social and Economic Governance) is now a statutory requirement for public funded bodies, health, education, and PLC’s.

Values and Strategy

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten…” We support organisations in developing their strategy through:

Surveys and Audits

Business Planning


Corporate Communications

“Ethics is obedience to the unenforceable” – Lord Moulton Ethics. We support individuals to develop their values through:

Issue Assessment

Risk Management

Codes of Conduct

Speak Up Hotlines

Training and Development

Partnering and teamwork in a learning environment gets the best from everyone. We apply accelerated learning techniques by designing activities which ensure effective participation between delegates.

Learning should allow time for individuals to reflect and create confidence so they step forwards into change without reservation.

Change needs personal commitment to move forwards and unfreeze past behaviours.

We share proven tools and techniques to allow individuals to make such changes safely.

We have designed and delivered tailored learning programmes since 1990 to award winning standards. We are happy to share our ideas and show the results at nocost, with no obligations and no risks.