Case Study – Trademark Portfolio “at risk” After Registration Ruled Invalid

Trademark for Banksy artwork declared invalid by EUIPO Cancellation Division Ruling states that Banksy “did not have any intention” to use mark at time of filing Panel says Banksy’s launch of ‘Gross Domestic Product’ shop “undermined” case In a ruling

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Case Study – Trade Secrets: Lea & Perrins

A sure way to gauge a brand’s success is to look at how long it’s been around. One brand that has stood the test of time is Lea & Perrins. The longer a brand lasts in today’s throw-away society, the

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Case Study – Trade Secrets: Irn Bru

Trade secrets are one of the oldest forms of IP protection. One of the best-kept secrets is the recipe for Irn Bru, hidden for 100 years. Background Irn Bru is a unique tasting carbonated soft drink created by A.G Barr

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Case Study – Trade Secrets Bubblewrap Waffle

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Intellectual Property: Bubblewrap Waffle  A blend of old and new, Bubblewrap Waffle recreates a traditional Chinese delicacy with a top-secret twist on the recipe. Background Bubblewrap Waffle (Bubblewrap) recreates a historical street dessert from Hong Kong and brings it to

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Case study – IP value in bankruptcy

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Completely liquidated, ABG and B. Riley leveraged Barneys intellectual property to enter into a deal in which Saks Fifth Avenue-owner Hudson’s Bay Co.  Is licensing the Barneys name for use in connection with its own business, hence, the “Barneys as

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Case Study – Intellectual Property Mediation

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(source UK IPO)  A previous customer talks about how he felt when another party was possibly infringing his IP and how mediation worked for him. Mediation is a confidential matter and the customer mentioned within this case study is referred

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Case Study – Intellectual Property (IP) Crime

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IP Crime includes: the application of trademarks to fake often faulty and substandard goods the provision of unlicensed copyright material online the fabrication and introduction into supply chains of dangerous patent rip-offs; and the application of stolen designs to clothing

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Case Study – Orphan Works Licensing Scheme – Leeds Museums and Galleries

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Case study Orphan works licensing scheme: Leeds Museums and Galleries   Leeds Museums and Galleries wanted to make the most of its British Art collection. Reproducing the work of an artist with local connections led them to the orphan works

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