IP Training Options by Clive Bonny
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The modules below can be mixed and matched for specific needs

1 IP disclosure risks, confidentiality agreements, and supply chain terms

2 Design protection and registration

3 Copyright protection rules and permitted exceptions

4 Trademarks allowed, disallowed and registration process

5 Employer Branding for attracting high quality job applicants

6 License / franchise terms, contracts, valuations and monitoring

7 IP supply chain policies and procedures for business continuity planning

8 ICO Data Protection Act, registration, breach prevention, penalties

9 IP health check auditing to assess, prioritise and register IP

10 IP assignments, transfers, and asset management processes

11 IP mediation to accelerate resolution of infringement disputes

12 IP commercialisation risks and returns: licensing vs manufacturing vs franchising

13 IP issues in Brand Identity and logo development and testing

14 IP and social media rules and risks for staff engagement

15 Employee ideation and Imagineering for product diversification

16 New product and service risk assessment and launch process

17 Press and Public Relations management pre and post launch

18 Grant funding for feasibility, market testing and commercialisation

19 Leveraging IP networks and professional bodies

20 Scams and how to avoid them

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