Network My Club Success Story

This shares an example of the speed and ease of networking to create new business


Members Jamie Forster and Clive Bonny attended their first event online using the Remo platform and, having found common interests, attended a face to face event a few weeks later. Jamie and the team at Motley offer web development services, whether it be a “simple” marketing site or a more complex web application. Clive provides risk management services including access to finance, business continuity planning and intellectual property IP protection. The network process of group mixing and one to one chats enabled them to quickly find a way to help each other.


There are over 200,000 UK online marketeers and Jamie recognises the value of USP Unique Selling Points in a highly competitive market. His business offers multiple options to create online enquiries and his clients appreciate a wide portfolio in a single supplier. Clive’s major challenge is to promote awareness of the value of trademarking when every year over 500,000 entrepreneurs register their names on Companies House without checking if their name is already trademarked to a third party. Most brand owners are unaware that trademark infringements can result in up to half their historical revenues being claimed and one in three small firms suffer infringement problems (source UK IPO). Most infringements are settled before court hearings to avoid publicity so few people are aware of their risks.


Jamie has updated his own knowledge on brand protection and registration with Clive’s free online IP tuition videos. Clive has applied for Jamie’s trademark to be registered with an offer for any of Jamie’s clients to have a free IP review to reduce risks of infringement. Jamie can now offer this as a value-added service to attract new clients with several extra advantages: Registered trademarks reduce unfair competing google ad-words, and reduce domain name competitors and costs. Trademark owners can also boost revenues by licencing their products and services to others anywhere in the world with legal protection from similar branded names. Once registered a trademark lasts 10 years and can be renewed for the lifetime of the brand. With some brands lasting over 100 years, trademarks can be sold at a high value. The trademark of Branson Pickle was valued by their Japanese buyer at £90 million, whilst artist Banksy has lost £ millions by failing to trademark his name.


Both parties can now refer clients to each other’s services for brand development and trademark protection. Clive says “a trademark search on a brand name or logos avoids infringement and reduces consequential liabilities on all parties. A UK IPO registration fee for a trademark starts at £170 for 10 years and design registration is just £60 so it’s affordable for all. IP protection reduces losses to competitors and adds real brand asset value. Thanks to Network My Club for introducing us!”

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