A new e-book on tips and techniques to improve your writing skills is online for smart phone users and Kindle readers. It is free for a short period. The author, an award-winning management consultant, has designed it to be compatible with all smart phones and PC’s. The e-book has easy to read graphics and tips on how to influence and inform others in many situations. It covers email, blogs, sales, PR, complaints, reports, how to analyse someone’s personality in their use of words.

Brighton-based author Clive Bonny says “my e-book promotes effective written communications in all formats for anyone needing to share information quickly and professionally in our new world of diverse digital and print readers.”

Bonny, MD of Strategic Management Partners, has authored several personal development pocketbooks since 1991 on communications, ethics and career development. They have been published in Arabic, Chinese, Indian and Russian languages and used in homes, schools, business and by busy people on the move.

“A great little guide for writing responsibly” says Jill Poet MD Organisation for Responsible Business Charter Awards. “I think every school leaver would benefit from receiving one of these, great simple effective tips on communication”  says Lorraine Bell, University of Brighton Green Growth Platform.

Clive is offering a free copy in exchange for reader reviews on Amazon. Email Clive@consult-smp.com with your headline WRITING RITES AND WRONGS or telephone Clive on  01273 308865 with your contact details.

Amazon link at https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074D63HFZ


Clive Bonny is MD at Strategic Management Partners www.consult-smp.com a management consultancy he  set up in 1990.  His advice on corporate communications has been published internationally by The Economist, Kogan Page, Management Pocketbooks and ICSA. His career began teaching foreign students in Africa and progressed into schools and corporate training across the EU, USA, Middle East and Asia. Clive welcomes reader feedback to Clive@consult-smp.com