How student placements can promote your business

Your local universities and colleges are paying small firms to take smart energetic people of all ages and abilities. Some are summer interns, some part-time and some full time for a year. My own business has been taking fully subsidised students since 2014 so I’d like to share with you how I helped them to help me.

Step 1: I looked at my local University website careers section. This showed me they subsidised year 3 Business Studies graduates who wanted work experience. I registered as a local employer online and posted a one-page job description with online links to my business. Total time = one hour.

Step 2: Within 6 weeks I received CV’s and letters expressing interest. I emailed back a time to chat by phone or zoom for 30 minutes to short-list the best who were invited to visit me for an informal chat about my business needs for an online researcher and marketeer to promote my services. I said I’d quiz them on my business and on their skills to match my job, including numerical, use of English and relationship skills. Three weeks later I had the right person and I gave them an initial project to plan their time with me before they came on board.

Step 3  Day one we reviewed the plan of work and agreed how and when we would liaise weekly to stay on track and motivated. Week one they joined me in my office and outside meeting clients to see reality. This helped them to understand the how and why of my actions. My clients enjoyed chatting with them too. During the pandemic, we liaised regularly by zoom. At the end of every week, they drafted a graphical “Learning Log” to show their progress and results.

Step 4: At the end of Internship, their learning logs surprised them, their college tutors and their friends and family. They had created a portfolio of multiple business skills to show future employers and lots of real-world evidence for their final degree dissertation.  My students learning logs in 2014, 2015 and 2020 can be seen below

These show how they promoted my innovation support services including business continuity planning, intellectual property protection and Responsible Business Standards. We need to support the next generation of entrepreneurs with real life work experience in small firms. My 2020 student even created free press coverage

If you’d like me to help you make the most of this wonderful partnership opportunity please contact me tele 07973 799153