Elliptical Building Designed for Living Leisure and Learning

A unique elliptical building has been launched by award-winning experts in environmental conservation and health.  It is powered by renewable energy and built with renewable natural materials. The biophilic design gives occupants the healthiest environment for living, leisure and learning.

Biophilia brings nature into living space improving physical and mental wellbeing. This reduces stress and enhances cognitive skills. www.PassivPod.co.uk  offers to improve quality of life for home-owners, office-workers and classroom students and teachers. The modular timber frame design is very resilient and low cost. It allows fast construction in almost any location off-grid. Energy costs are reduced by 80%.

PassivPod Director Clive Bonny says “We’ve protected our intellectual property for global licencing and we’ve won awards for our practical innovations. We also offer equity share in PassivPod Ltd with a safe asset based return on your investment. Join us, get ahead of the curve, and be part of a global revolution for living, leisure and learning.”

FOR MORE INFORMATION  https://www.koruarchitects.co.uk/passiv-pod/

www.PassivPod.co.uk Clive Bonny Clive@consult-smp.com


Modular Build Scalability as Off-Grid Classroom, Office, Eco-Lodge or Home Garden Office