A consortium of management advisers has helped to stimulate the economic development of Sussex businesses. They offered information on how organisations get the most from their investments in customer service, induction and employee development. The projects included research into good practice in management development for large organisations and small businesses. They also identified best practice in customer service training and workforce diversity.
The projects were a partnership between two Brighton-based consultancy firms, The Blue Consult and Strategic Management Partners, whose founders have developed a series of knowledge exchange activities for employers. They invited managers and enterprise support clusters to learn from each others successes in training and retaining people.
The activities included an analysis of learning needs for organisations in sectors which were recognised as having growth potential. Employers from large and medium-sized firms were able to share knowledge to promote workforce development. There was a special focus on firms in finance, construction, transport and travel to exchange case studies on factors which create success.
One of the advisors, Clive Bonny, comments “Employers can buck the trend towards recession by sharing more know-how with other firms who have found smarter ways of working. We invited managers to find out how to get more from their supply chain by participating in Learning Pays Forums which were funded by the Learning and Skills Council.”
Participants had their success stories written and published by the project organisers.