Best Practice Quality Management

What is Investors In Excellence “IIE”? IIE is a management tool based on the internationally recognised benchmark of best practice The Business Excellence Model. It helps managers review and clarify their key actions and results to achieve their goals at...

Improving Client Relationships With Consulting Support

The aim of this guide is to describe vital steps to improve customer relations. The international management advisor Stephen Covey described one of the Seven Habits of Successful People as “starting with the end in mind”. This guide will help you to...

Action Planning

Action plans are a well used instrument in the manager’s and training professional’s toolkit. However, many plans look good on paper but are never implemented. Use this checklist to ensure that your future actions are planned effectively. Action...

Counselling Style

Counselling is a skill which a manager can use to help other people resolve their own problems. Use this exercise to identify how you respond when people come to you with problems or issues. Counselling Style


This self-assessment is designed to help you learn more about your creative environment and how you operate within it. It will highlight barriers to being creative. Creativity