Client Feedback: Mediation

Project Summary on Mediation: Coaching MD to facilitate start up of  new high growth professional service firm Field accompaniment at Chamber of Commerce meetings Showing a clear structure to prepare for meetings Conduct a full fact-find Close meetings with specific agreed commitments to
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Strategic Management Partners are Awarded Best Independent Consultancy: EmTech Excellence Awards 2016

Strategic Management Partners is an independent consultancy based in the South East of England. They provide strategic planning advice, training, coaching and support to large and small organisations across a wide range of sectors. By using established procedures, SMP highlight
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SMP is welcomed to the Professional Mediators’ Association (PMA) and the Collaborative Justice Institute

The PMA is one of the largest and most active professional mediator online communities in the UK. “The Professional Mediators’ Association (PMA) exists to promote excellence in all aspects of workplace, employment and business mediation.” The PMA was formed by TCM
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Guide: Mediation and Risk Management

Recent survey statistics by the Federation for Small Businesses show 70% of small firms experience commercial disputes involving amounts over £35,000. 30% of payments are typically overdue, and just 12% of SME customers paying on time. £12.5 billion is tied
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Responsible Business Presentation

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PR Coverage: Wealth & Finance

Mediator of the Year Cost-Effective Solutions to Disputes Affecting the Supply Chain Wealth & Finance | November 2016 Strategic Management Partners (SMP) was established in 1990 as a niche management consultancy, advising public quoted and private owned organisations during periods
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Free IP Audit

Innovation support: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY “IP” ASSET REVIEW OFFER An IP review will identify existing and potential IP to help protect and capitalise your IP asset value. All SMEs create IP through new products and services, client databases, designs, logos, slogans,
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Graduate Internship Programme with Strategic Management Partners “SMP”

Our organisation & work: Strategic Management Partners was founded in 1990. We have won national awards for Responsible Business Standards, Innovation and Technology. Clive Bonny, MD, outlines the firm’s offering and latest projects. “Here at Strategic Management Partners we
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Case Study Hot Horse: Innovation Processes Strengthen Business Capability

Aim of Consultancy: To Demonstrate How The Business Hot Horse Could Expand Without Risks To Service And Product Quality. Background Hot Horse is an established, creative and technically acclaimed supplier of web design, development and software for business services. Working
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Press Coverage from CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016

Strategic Management Partners have been awarded most advanced independent consultancy – Brighton & Hove, by the CV Technology Innovator Awards. Press coverage from CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016: Strategic Management Partners is an independent consultancy providing strategic planning advice, training, coaching
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