London offices at 10 per cent occupancy after work from home directive

London offices plummeted to 10 per cent occupancy in the wake of fresh work from home guidance this week.

Occupancy on Tuesday 14 December was down on the previous week’s figure of an average of 28 per cent occupancy, according to workspace technology company Freespace.

The capital has been hit harder than other parts of the country by plan B measures, with office occupancy around the rest of the UK at an average of 12 per cent.

  • A YouGov survey revealed 39 per cent say they want to WFH permanently
  • 71 per cent prefer WFH and 58 per cent say they are more productive at home
  • Government is eager to return to pre-pandemic levels amid business concerns 

Nearly two in five people currently working from home say they will never return to the office.

A new survey carried out this week shows 71 per cent of people prefer to work from home and 58 per cent believe they are more productive when they do so.

The poll carried out by YouGov on behalf of The Times shows the scale of the challenge employers face in getting staff back to the office.

Nearly two in face people currently working from home say they will never return to the office

Only nine per cent of workers have permanently returned to their desks since the government changed WFH advice last week.

A quarter of those surveyed say they have returned part time, while 63 per cent are working remotely and 39 per cent will stay at home for good.

The results will come as a concern to ministers who are keen to return to pre-pandemic levels of office work amid concerns over city centres and public transport systems.