I’m writing as an Innovation Advisor with the University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform. We provide support to green businesses across the South East, and we’re the South East Delivery Hub of the national Clean Growth UK network.

We’re working closely with West Sussex County Council on LoCASE (Low Carbon Across the South and East).

LoCASE is a grant scheme for businesses, offering up to £10,000 to green/low carbon SMEs for business growth projects, and up to £10,000 to other SMEs for energy/resource efficiency projects (efficiency projects over £5K will need to show more substantial carbon savings).

We’ve been involved with LoCASE since 2016 in Essex, Kent and East Sussex, and we’re delighted that it will soon be available to businesses in West Sussex too.

LoCASE has monthly grant panels that businesses can apply to, and the first one for West Sussex businesses is likely to be in July.

Once we know for sure when the panel will be, we’ll formally launch in West Sussex. In the meantime, if you know of businesses that might be interested, you can still direct them to us.

If a business wants to apply, they just need to complete our enquiry form to get started. We can guide them through the process and get them ready to submit.

The grant can cover 40% of expenditure towards your business growth, up to £10,000 for Environmentally-focused SME’s buying

  • Plant, equipment & machinery
  • Materials and equipment for research and development
  • Facilities hire e.g. specialist lab facilities for testing
  • Consultancy
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Website development costs
  • IT software
  • Certification and accreditation
  • Energy efficiency and other environmental improvements

As part of LoCASE, we’re also running a series of free workshops on access to finance, business continuity planning, energy efficiency and renewables for SMEs.

This offer may also be very useful for your clients and suppliers, so please feel free to share this with your supply chain.

For more info contact

Clive Bonny clive@consult-smp.com  07973 799153

Clean Growth Grant

Clive Bonny also designs and delivers subsidised webinars on access to finance.

  • Finance for new products and services
  • Becoming investment-ready – preparing for due diligence
  • Traditional loan finding – rates and risks
  • Alternative loans – crowdfunding
  • Private equity – how much do I have to give away?
  • Investment schemes and tax incentives
  • Grant funding – Time vs Reward

Contact Clive@consult-smp.com 07973 799153