Passiv Pod 2021

Passiv Pod Ltd designs zero-carbon secure and affordable home garden offices to meet the new high demand for the influx of an extra 3 million UK rural business home-workers. The design enables high-quality pre-fab manufacturing offsite using all-natural materials and fast modular erection onsite with permitted planning.

Progress to date

Passiv Pod has completed initial designs and seeks funds for showrooms. The designs include home office use from a 2 desk 15 square meter unit to larger units for multiple occupants, including classrooms, up to 250 sq metres.  All designs have UK and EU intellectual property registrations for up to 25 years to prevent competitor copying and to protect profit margins. All designs and end-user prices have been successfully market tested with prospective target clients. Costs have been formally assessed by experienced qualified persons as viable to offer sustainable profit margins. Planned routes to market with known proven stakeholder partners are clearly identified.

The Passiv Pod design has already achieved high publicity in UK and abroad via news editorials, lifestyle marketing magazines, social media, and expert endorsements from industrial design professionals and home buyer associations. Independent Industry expert Award bodies have recognised the Passiv Pod unique biophilic and technical innovation design properties improving health, wellbeing, and environmental conservation.  Design Awards include 2018 Best National New Business Winner, 2019 Award for Design Excellence, 2019 Winner Green Project of the Year, 2019 Global Excellence Award for Sustainable Accommodation, 2020 Enterprise Awards by SME News, 2020 Most Innovative Sustainable Partnership by Home Builder


Market Viability

The pandemic has resulted in high demand for affordable secure high quality home office working space. Independent employer surveys show over 40% service staff now home-working 3 to 4 days per week.  30% are working at home full time, up from 12% in 2019. Surveys show this change will be permanent due to:

Employers are reducing their office rental costs – City of London full time desk cost saving is £40K per person pa. Employers who are not as flexible are now losing good staff. Masks in shared offices are mandatory; all day mask wear is highly uncomfortable and less effective than home zooms with no masks.

Home video tech is cheap, secure, reliable and liked by teams.  Staff with usable home space are more productive due to safety as pandemic growth is inevitable, with higher risk for commuters and office sharers; No commute time means more time at work; No commute cost means less stress with more work life balance.

The Passiv Pod design enables scalable offsite modular manufacturing using existing sub-contracted home fabricators and locally sourced sustainable timber materials. The design uses fire-resistant materials, are resilient, meet mortgage approval standards and can be erected quickly at low cost with high margins.

Business model and funding

The Passiv Pod project now requires an initial £150K funding for a home office showroom. The funding will pay for the initial materials block testing and create software for automated CNC fabrication. The business model is to market direct, online, via lifestyle PR, employer associations, and use incentivised referral marketing with land-owners, estate agents, conveyancing lawyers and new buyers. The referral contract has been successfully market tested.

Fabrication, delivery and erection will be sub-contracted using the supply chain of existing proven timber frame home builders who have known spare capacity.

All booked orders will be paid in advance stages to guarantee cashflow for sustainable growth. Current UK offsite fabricator capacity exists for 15000 complete new homes annually via over 20 modular timber manufacturers, each with the capacity to build 10 per day.

UK sales of 1000 home Pods produce £40 Million in revenue with a healthy margin. EU market is five times larger with similar demands, and existing local national timber fabricators able to build and deliver on a licenced basis with Passiv Pod using existing registered EU designs ensuring 25 years exclusive use of the ellipsoid design.

Passiv Pod Ltd has HMRC assurance letter for £150K SEIS and extra EIS tax relief allowances.


Founding Directors

Mark Pellant is a qualified architect, technical director and designer of the Passiv Pod. Mark’s journey began 30 years ago travelling the world and experiencing first hand the effects of climate change and environmental devastation. For the last 20 years, Mark has designed healthy, low energy buildings and built his own award-winning zero-carbon house and office.


Clive Bonny Commercial Director has provided green innovation services to home workers, corporates and education bodies for 25 years, helping over 200 Green Growth and Clean Tech startups. Mark and Clive teamed up to create the Passiv Pod as a joint venture with a passion for social inclusion and environmental health.


They’ve invested over £100K in their own funds and sweat equity to design healthy zero carbon space for people of all ages and abilities in living, leisure and learning. Both are explicit promoters of inclusion and equal accessibility of opportunities in their policies and practices.


Both Directors have successfully managed their own respective businesses for over 25 years, winning multiple Awards for innovation, wellbeing design and environmental conservation.  The Passiv Pod design enables inclusive accessibility for the disabled to work from home without office commutes. The unique biophilic design reduces stress and improves cognitive abilities for younger and older workers.


Clean Technology

Each Passiv Pod is zero carbon in operation and avoids several tonnes of CO2 emissions resulting from building. The initial carbon footprint of each dwelling is reduced by 70%. In use Passiv Pod creates no carbon emissions and can save up to 1.49 tonnes of CO2/yr per person in heating. MMC building and maintenance costs are lower allowing affordability for buyers. Impact measurements have already been made over 5 years using the PassivPod materials in zero carbon rectilinear design within a new build home office designed and used by Koru Architects in Brighton. These have been independently assessed showing 93% less CO2, a net income of £2650 pa from solar pv, solar thermal and a biomass boiler.

The Passiv Pod ellipsoid biophilic design studies show impact can further improve air flow, light, humidification and ventilation to reduce CO2 and enhance cognitive skills by 15-20%. This enhances physical and mental health for all occupants in home garden offices, school rooms and eco-lodges.  The design range shows a full life total of 41 tonnes of carbon saving. Onsite erection time is reduced by 50%, environmental damage is reduced by 80%, waste is reduced by 90%, and zero carbon designs reduce Co2 by 100%.


Why Now

During 2020 the pandemic has caused a seismic shift in working behaviours and the Passiv Pod has consequently pivoted its 2021 business plan to focus on supporting the new wave of 3 million additional home office workers.

National productivity and quality of life for millions can be improved if UK home workers meet the challenge to promote and deliver high quality private secure working space at home.

This innovative solution supports national and local environmental and social needs, whilst offering equity investors a substantial rate of return with SEIS tax relief and IP protection, delivered by an experienced Award-winning team. Southern Enterprise Award 2020

Home Builder Awards 2020

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