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Billy Chip•  A unique safe and secure platform to help the homeless


We have some really exciting news that we’ve been dying to share with you…

Ladies and gents, BillyChip® is now officially a registered trademark. Meaning we get to put a snazzy ® at the end of our name.

After our BBC Breakfast TV appearance in January, we were inundated with support and offers of help, one such offer came from Clive Bonny a Trademark expert, who offered to register BillyChip® and represent us free of charge.

We did have one challenge, but Clive swiftly overcame that hurdle and here we are, proudly introducing BillyChip®!

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to Clive for his kindness and generosity. You have helped Billy’s vision become completely exclusive! 💙 #thankyou #trademarkprotection

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Clive Bonny  Building sustainable business by protecting IP trademarks, finding finance, and eco design innovations

It’s a great privilege to support such wonderful people whose help for the vulnerable is outstanding