IP Crime includes:

  • the application of trademarks to fake often faulty and substandard goods
  • the provision of unlicensed copyright material online
  • the fabrication and introduction into supply chains of dangerous patent rip-offs; and
  • the application of stolen designs to clothing and furniture.

All of the above is illegal and it’s big business. In the UK it is estimated that 25 per cent of all digital consumption (downloading, streaming/accessing content online) involved an illegal source of copyright material. Electricity Safety First reports that almost one in four consumers buying electrical items online from third-party sellers discover that they are fakes.

This year’s Intellectual Property Crime Report reveals that the sale of counterfeit tobacco products is the most counterfeited product investigated by trading standards officers throughout the UK. The cost of IP crime to the UK economy was recently to be worth £13.6 billion. HMRC estimates the lost revenue to government through non-payment of tobacco duty alone to be £2.5 billion. This often depends on “tobacco dogs”.

Top sniffer dogs Scamp and Koko received several awards from Trading Standards authorities throughout the UK acknowledged by the Anti-Counterfeiting Group, who represent the views of brand owners who operate at global and national levels.