What it covers:
The following is an outline of what the audit will cover remembering that in each area, where appropriate, this will include meeting legislation, good practice over and above being compliant, and ongoing development.

The Workplace
◦ HR and Health & Safety legislation
◦ Employee wellbeing
◦ Employee engagement
◦ Equality and Diversity

The Environment
◦ Environmental legislation
◦ Environmental policies and procedures
◦ Commitment to reducing environmental impact

The Marketplace
◦ Legislation e.g. Trading Standards requirements
◦ Process, standards and stakeholder engagement
◦ Supply chain activities

The Community
◦ Awareness of local issues
◦ Supporting and engaging with the local community

Ethics, Values & Transparency
◦ You will need to demonstrate that ethics, values and transparency is embedded in your business ethos: once again, meeting legislative criteria alone is not sufficient for a company to be accredited.

Business Continuity
◦ Passing this section is only a requirement for attaining The Responsible Business Standard at Gold Level. However, we recommend this is considered at all levels. At bronze and silver levels a failure in this section would not adversely affect the overall level of attainment.

Demonstrating appropriate procedures, systems and other precautionary measures are in place to ensure your business is sustainable even under adverse circumstances is particularly important when bidding / tendering for contracts.

Assessing business continuity plans is also a very important exercise for internal purposes e.g. what would happen if your business premises burnt down overnight? Would your business be able to continue? How quickly could it recover?


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