This award to Strategic Management Partners enables the company to share its innovative practices which have reduced client costs by over 50% and improved client revenues by similar margins. These outcomes for SMP’s clients have been achieved with a combination of unique strategic planning activities and advanced business processes whilst SMP has been operating profitably every year since 1990. Buyers and users of almost any other consulting services can apply more cost-effective ways to reduce their own consulting costs without reducing the quality of delivered services.  SMP’s founder and Managing Director Clive Bonny explains how:

SMP’s founder and Managing Director Clive Bonny

“We have always applied a unique approach in removing unnecessary costs from our business overheads whilst at the same time acquiring funds to subsidise our work for clients in all sectors. We have removed the main costs in the planning and delivery of consulting support and can show all our clients how these costs have been significantly reduced whilst improving the quality of our services.”


SMP’s internal and external operations have been independently audited by the Organisation of Responsible Businesses at  since 2012. These nationally recognised Responsible Business Standards are based on best practice support for employees, customers, suppliers, the community, the environment, ethics and business continuity. SMP’s operations have been verified since 2012 at Gold Standard with the auditor reports are shown on the website and LinkedIn.


The two largest costs in consultancy are staff payrolls and office facilities. London rented office space is around £100 per square foot. These costs have been increasing over 10% pa. Hong Kong has reached $250 per square foot and New York $150. It means that for even a small company of 5 persons city rent of £25000-£50,000 pa needs to be charged back to clients. 50 staff can cost up to £500,000 pa in office rental. SMP staff all work from home-based offices with quality office equipment, saving 90% in office rental costs.

In addition consulting staff salaries in the city average £65,000 pa but actual chargeable time can be as low as 50% which effectively doubles the payroll costs chargeable to clients. SMP’s business model is to employ qualified associates paying only for their time spent on client projects. This reduces client project staffing costs by over 50%.  These savings give SMP a significant power to offer lower cost consulting with no negative impact on our margins and profitability.


SMP has membership of the main consulting professional bodies. These include the Chartered Institutes of Management, Computing, Consulting, Personnel and Development. Trade body memberships include Chambers of Commerce, Manufacturers, Arts, Small Businesses, Innovation Centres and the Business Angels Association. This allows SMP to pick and choose the right associates for the right job who are professionally qualified, work to the highest quality standards and experienced in running their own businesses.


MD Clive Bonny has been cleared to government Baseline Personnel Security Standards providing a Right to Work on corporate confidential projects and across the public sector in Health, Education and Police services. SMP also provides BPSS clearance for other consultants Right to Work for high security projects, reducing time and costs for buyers of staff and contractors who require this higher security clearance.


SMP’s quality management standards enables work as a contractor for government grant funding bodies who support high growth enterprises. These include local councils, universities, regional development bodies, Skills Agencies, and the Department of Trade, Business Enterprise Innovation and Skills. The grant funding has enabled SMP to deliver fully funded consultancy support to clients over several months. Many examples of projects and outcomes are shown at


Clive Bonny began working with architectural practice in 2015. His initial work included business planning, marketing and customer support, funded by a GrowthAccelerator grant for 3 months. The initial support identified an opportunity to grow the business into an international operation. Clive obtained extra grant funding to develop the architects concepts for an innovative zero carbon elliptical building design.

Further funded consultancy was delivered with the support of the University of Brighton Green Growth Platform for website marketing, intellectual property protection, and plan for additional finance of over £1 million via crowdfunding and an EU Innovation Grant. A new product website has been launched for and the business is now forecasting additional net profits over £5 Million with international sales development.


A significant cost-reduction in the business model combined with innovative strategic planning and delivery processes have ensured a successful outcome. This has been verified by external specialists in Responsible Business Standards and these audits are accessible to clients online. These reports show evidence that all aspects of SMP’s operations function at a high quality level. Effective cost-management has created savings which are passed directly to clients. In many cases the use of grant funding has created a significant return on client investments for long term sustainability.

MD Clive Bonny comments “buyers of consultancy, coaching and advisory work can save significant costs without compromising quality if they check their suppliers in these areas. I recommend buyers review their criteria guidance on cost-effective use of quality consulting by using the 20 point check-list shown at

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