Readers of leading health and fitness magazines have voted an Award to a newcomer in the expanding healthy food and drink market. Health and Fitness and Womens Fitness are established voices for health conscious people providing up to date expert advice on healthy lifestyles. The two magazines asked their 300,000 monthly readers for their top choices on food and drink. Bronze award was awarded to www.SlimRoast.Ltd for the unique blend of natural healthy botanicals promoting drinks with no refined sugars or chemicals.

HealthBrighton-based entrepreneur Clive Bonny has earned an additional award for innovation. He says “It is unusual for newcomers to make an immediate impact in such a very competitive market. It reflects the success the product has achieved in USA where in just last year 20,000 new customers have increased orders from £3M to £33M making SlimRoast one of the fastest growing health drinks in the world. We are honoured to have had so many UK voters as our products are promoted by word of mouth from local home-based representatives without big brand advertising”.
Customer feedback shows the most liked product features are improvements in weight management, energy and mental wellbeing by blending low calorie natural botanicals; home delivery; affordability of online pricing with 45% discounts reducing prices to just over £1; and air-tight sachet packaging to ensure freshness, safe storage and pocket portability. The blends are designed for people of all ages and abilities and add up to being balanced with sustainable health. Employers love them too to reduce staff sickness and boost energy at work.
Clive has a history developing successful health product innovations, including a biophilic building design improving occupant wellbeing at . SlimRoast Ltd provides on the website a wide range of clinical studies on botanical ingredients, advice on diet and exercise, and support for employers to improve wellness at work and reduce illness and absence. Clive is currently looking for home based representatives who seek a second income to satisfy the growing popularity for the award-winning botanical drinks.
Contact tele 07973 799153

Congratulations Clive! I’m delighted to inform you that you have won the Bronze Award for Favourite Low Calorie/Diet Food & Drink
Suosan Williams
Dennis Fitness Division
Dennis Publishing 30 Cleveland Street, London, W1T 4JD, United Kingdom