emtech-excellence-awardStrategic Management Partners is an independent consultancy based in the South East of England. They provide strategic planning advice, training, coaching and support to large and small organisations across a wide range of sectors. By using established procedures, SMP highlight key issues under the following headings in order to improve organisations’ effectiveness: Business Growth, Research and Evaluation, HR Management, Process Innovation, Marketing and Sales, Values and Strategy, Sustainability and Community, Training and Development.
In the words of their Founding Director, Clive Bonny, “Since 1990 we have operated in high growth sectors including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, re-tail, leisure, construction, social enterprises and government. Our work has broadened from skills training and process improvements into innovation management, intellectual property protection, dispute mediation, and Responsible Business Standards.” Their motto, “Success Breeds Success when Values Sustain Value” succinctly describes the company, en-wring they are able to improve organisation sustain-ability and individual success.
SMP recently launched a due diligence Check-Invest service for Crowd Fund investors and fundraisers. This reduces investment risks and improves investability. Last year over £3 billion was raised in alternative finance. Check-Invest ensures safer invest-ments for shareholders and more sustainability for start-up enterprises. Through membership of the Business Angels Association they collaborate with al-ternative finance partners. SMP also work with grant funding partners such as Brighton University Green Growth Platform who contribute towards their client project costs.
New product launches include SlimRoast.ltd, which supplies a range of herbal health-care drinks. These boost energy, immune systems, and help manage weight. Sugar-free natural health supplements are a high growth market. They are recruiting distributors to work from home on a profit-share basis supported by our training and marketing support. The need to supplement family incomes is growing, and these herbal drinks improve personal wellbeing at much lower prices than pharmacies. Employers are now putting these drinks into staff kitchens and can-teens as a thank-you to raise performance at work and reduce absence.
SMP are also launching an off-grid zero-carbon Eco-Lodge via PassivPod.co.uk, with the aim to boost eco-tourism. Population increases have caused over-crowding in classrooms, and the design can convert into a school classroom to enhance student learning in a healthy natural environment. PassivPod class-rooms are easier to install, and promote education to the next generation about sustainable resource management and energy conservation.