Strategic Management Partners have been awarded most advanced independent consultancy – Brighton & Hove, by the CV Technology Innovator Awards. Press coverage from CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016:

CV Award

Strategic Management Partners is an independent consultancy providing strategic planning advice, training, coaching and support to large and small organisations across a wide range of sectors to provide proven process improvements. Clive Bonny, the firm’s Managing Director, talks us through the company and its service offering.

Strategic Management Partners was founded in 1990, and since inception has gone from strength to strength. Clive outlines the firm’s offering and talks us through its latest projects.

CV Technology Innovator Awards

“Here at Strategic Management Partners we operate in high growth sectors including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, leisure, construction, social enterprises and government. After each project our customers advise us on their future needs. This drives our professional development to widen our service portfolio.

“As a result our work has broadened from skills training and process improvements into innovation management, intellectual property protection, dispute mediation, and Responsible Business Standards. More recently we launched a due diligence Check-Invest service for Crowd Fund investors and fund-raisers. This reduces investment risks and improves invest-ability. Last year over £3 Billion pounds was raised in alternative finance. Check-Invest ensures safer investments by shareholders and sustainability for start-up enterprises.”

To ensure the success of every project, Clive explains that the firm operates a strategy which is focused on ensuring an outcome which meets the needs of the client.

“All our projects have clearly defined deliverables and client outcomes are measured regularly during delivery with all involved stakeholders. This ensures we stay on track and allows us to manage change as work-plans often need to evolve. Our website shows the results of dozens of projects with case studies approved by clients.”

“Besides immediate outcomes we also measure impacts and the wider effects of change. This is an important issue for shareholder investments and for social enterprises. One of our supported charities, an outdoor environmental education centre Beacon Hub Brighton, is forecasting a throughput of 3000 persons per year. The social and environmental impacts will include more jobs for young people, higher earnings, improved use of community resources, more local trade, and increased revenues from tourism.”

What makes the firm attractive to smaller clients, according to Clive, is its collaboration with various financing partners.

“Our alliance partners include grant funding bodies who contribute towards our client project costs, from 25% to 100%. This is especially attractive for small firms, social enterprises and start-ups who otherwise cannot afford high quality consultancy support. We are very transparent regarding how we work, and project processes and outcomes are clearly described on our website. We also share much of our knowledge through authoring and publishing low cost pocket-books on topics such as managing sales, marketing communications, career development, even how to become a management consultant. These are published as e-books internationally in Chinese, Indian, Arabic, Japanese and Russian. Most people prefer professional advisors to share know-how before charging for it. This it makes it easier for people to trust our capabilities.”

“Overall the firm’s mission is reflected in our motto “Success Breeds Success when Values Sustain Value”. Our aim is to improve the quality of life inside and outside organisations. We do this by focusing on shared values to sustain what makes people successful. Before we propose any change we diagnose needs using a behavioural technique called “Appreciative Enquiry”. This motivates our clients towards the positive impacts of change.”

As a concluding comment Clive is keen to highlight some of the firm’s upcoming projects and the exciting opportunities they will offer.

“Looking forward I see great opportunities with our innovation projects. One of our new UK product launches is a range of herbal health-care drinks called These boost energy, immune systems, and help manage weight. Sugar-free natural health supplements are a high growth market. We are currently giving distributors websites and marketing support to work from home on a profit-share basis. The need to supplement family incomes is growing, and we are improving community health at the same time. Employers are now putting these drinks into staff kitchens and canteens as a thank-you as they raise performance at work and reduce absence.
“In addition, we are also helping launch an off-grid carbon zero Eco-Lodge called Passiv Pod which will boost eco-tourism. The design can convert into a school class-room to enhance student learning in a healthy natural environmental setting. Population increases have caused over-crowding in classrooms, off-grid classrooms are easier to install, and educating the next generation about sustainable resource management is vital.”