An IP review will identify existing and potential IP to help protect and capitalise your IP asset value. All SMEs create IP through new products and services, client databases, designs, logos, slogans, trademarks, contracts, confidential data and public website content. IP assets can represent up to 50% of the total asset value of a business. IP assets can be bought and sold, licensed, franchised and used as collateral to fund growth.  Protecting your IP enhances brand value and reputation.


Every day unprotected IP is copied by competitors and stolen by staff and contractors. Companies also unwittingly buy or use IP which is supplied illegally by others who have not checked ownership. Ignorance is no defence and all profits from IP infringements can be claimed retrospectively by IP owners. Data protection regulators can also issue penalty fines up to 2% of company global revenues for failure to protect data. Companies are being fined over £250,000 for data breaches and individual Directors of small enterprises have been fined over £100,000. Design infringements can now be sued in both civil and criminal courts.


Every IP review is tailored to the needs of the client. Scope can include: data protection, designs, logos, trademarks, copyright, contracts with staff and supply chains, staff qualifications for work, information governance policies and procedures, research and development for products and services. Every business creates its own IP in different ways and the review scope will prioritise areas of greatest value.


The IP review helps you protect and obtain the best value from your IP assets. It also reduces the risks of infringements and expensive legal action against you for unwitting infringements such as downloading photos or designs online. Many small firms have also obtained R and D tax credits. We can identify potential opportunities for R and D credit applications.  For a 3 minute summary on IP risks watch our video at


  • Complete the 5 minute IP questionnaire checklist below
  • IF any answers are NO or NOT SURE you are likely to be at risk

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1 I have registered my business name with the Intellectual Property Office “IPO”

2 I have registered my business logo with the IPO

3 My business name has not been registered by another company with the IPO

4 My business logo has not been registered by another company with the IPO



5 My website IP has been contractually assigned by third party developers to my co

6 My website photos and designs are all legally registered in my company name

7 My website shows my written policies for cookies, data protection and privacy

8 My website shows my copyright and all my IP registrations



9 My supplier  and contractor terms include a non-disclosure commitment

10 My employment contracts include a confidentiality agreement

11 My company has a Data Protection Act registration number with the ICO

12 My proposals to new customers include a non-disclosure agreement



13 My company email signatures include privacy terms and registered address

14 My company has published an Acceptable Use policy for social media and emails

15 My company data access passwords are changed every 6 months

16 My staff and contractors have been given Data Protection training

17 I understand how to qualify for Research and Development tax relief

18 I have explored the opportunities of licensing my IP and how to do this

19 I understand how to protect Designs created by my staff and contractors

20 I know how to respond to a claim for any unexpected IP infringement

Any answers of NO or NOT SURE indicate risk. Please send to