Employers have a general duty of care towards their employees. They also have to “ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health safety and welfare of employees and others affected by their work” (HSWA 74)

The Management Regulations (MHSWR 99) require employers to (amongst other things):

  • prevent and control risks arising from all hazardous activities
  • consult employees and their representatives on all matters affecting their health and safety at work
  • make effective arrangements for managing health and safety and appoint competent persons to advise them
  • carry out suitable and sufficient risk assessments
  • apply the general principles of prevention when assessing risks
  • identify ‘vulnerable groups’
  • record risk assessment findings (if there are 5 or more employees) and
  • monitor and review their effectiveness

The ACoP accompanying MHSWR says that employers should

  • prevent risks to physical and mental health
  • address risks at source and apply the hierarchy of prevention
  • evaluate risks and tackle them in order of priority

We need to look at the things that cause stress at work, or make it worse.

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