Line Management and Workplace Culture – Wellbeing

This survey on line management and workplace culture consists of 34 questions. This survey is related to wellbeing at work.


Survey Summary

Section 1: the way managers motivate and support their teams, deal with absence, and with the culture that exists within the team.

Section 2: the steps the organisations takes to keep people free from injury, stress or other harm (above and beyond legal requirements).

Section 3: the extent to which individuals understand their roles and objectives, and are empowered to fulfil them.

Section 4: the way people with different needs and family situations are helped to balance work with personal life.

Section 5: how people are encouraged to take steps themselves to adopt more healthy lifestyles.

Section 6: the emphasis placed on health and wellbeing overall in the way the organisation plans for the future and how people are managed, developed and supported.

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