English Table Tennis Association: re-structuring organisation, pay and reward systems

Medical Research Council: process improvements for researching health projects

Greenwich NHS PCT: attitude and motivation seminar for team-working

NHS: improve HR quality management process and senior management development

Sussex County Cricket Club: develop business networking skills

Optimax Eye Care: process improvement and coaching skills programme

Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club: social media coaching programme

Active4Health: health and safety coaching managers and staff for new gym

Back To Balance Chiropractic: recruitment and employee engagement

Safeguard Pest Control: PR brand development and business merger support

Rapid Response: nurse recruitment, engagement and social media marketing

Ford Indoor Football: recruitment and risk management for new public service

Action For Change: staff training and promote mental health services

Studio57: coaching on occupational health

Grassroots Charity: NHS Innovation Award for mental health and suicide prevention



Occupational health diagnostic surveys and wellbeing seminars

Private SME’s: coaching on stress management, health and safety, absence management

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