Family WellbeingSussex health and wellbeing specialists have found new ways to relieve pain and deliver a wellbeing service for the whole family. A Brighton based chiropractic clinic called Back To Balance is successfully introducing families to free health check “MOT’s”  for small children whose sleeping positions often need careful monitoring to avoid potentially damaging bone and ligament problems

Clinic manager and owner Rebecca Nicholas gives an example of one of her family customers: “Chris is a 32 year old school teacher who saw me two years ago for lower back pain preventing his gym sessions.  After a short course he reported 85% improvement and described it as a Miracle Treatment! He referred his wife to us and we resolved her headaches which had lasted weeks. Then his mum came in and we fixed a trapped nerve in her arm which stopped her sleeping and dog-walking. More recently Chris had a baby girl and we identified a problem with her sleeping position. Baby now moves her head freely to prevent future long term health problems.”

Rebecca has been awarded a government GrowthAccelerator grant to grow her business across the community. The grant funding has allowed Rebecca to employ an external professional business advisor, Clive Bonny, as a strategic management partner. Clive is now helping the clinic to offer a service for employers.

Clive says “Back To Balance is not just helping hundreds of people of all ages and abilities every week who want a better quality of life. The clinic is currently saving Sussex employers at least £50,000 every week by reducing the costs of staff absence. More people should be asking their employers to offer this type of service. Healthy people are happier people and that means everybody wins at home and at work.”

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