wb1A pocket size wearable health device at the National Exhibition Centre 2015 Gadget Show has been named as a top 20 Finalist for British Invention of the Year. The innovative design is smaller than a smart phone, has just two buttons for ease of use, and it fits snugly into a small Velcro strap pocket. The innovative product allows it to be safely worn under day time clothing or at night. The device aims to alleviate chronic and acute pain with no drugs or medications. The supplier is submitting it for regulatory approvals. Extensive field tests for several years have shown it can accelerate cellular repair for a wide range of soft tissue injuries and diseases.

Wellbeing specialist and Innovation Investment expert, Clive Bonny, says  “I was initially sceptical and decided to test it on trapped nerves in my foot and a painful grade 3 hamstring tear as I could barely walk. I wore it on my ankle whilst I slept and was back on my roller blades within just a few weeks.  I have also tested the device capability over a 6 month period to address a chronic condition for atrial fibrillation, which kills 100,000 people in the UK every year.  The outcome showed significant health improvement. Medical Health Regulatory Approval has been granted and clinical approvals are being obtained. This invention could save health providers millions of pounds by reducing patient treatment time. Just one bed per person per day costs the NHS £400. Employers could also reduce significant employee absence costs by having a device available for staff.  I am exploring government support to run clinical trials to enable acceptance by the NHS and other health authorities.”


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Examples of tissue repair on animals are at