Thanks to Sussex Heart FoundationI’m happy to say that I successfully completed the sponsored walk last Sunday, along with Clive Bonny and his dog Binky and Ed Carr. We started our walk in the face of Gale Force 7 winds and battled along to the half way mark at the Peace Statue in Hove in 40 minutes to collect our stamp and a chocolate bar before turning around and getting blown back to the Marina! We finished up completing in an hour and a half – is that good? I have no idea but it felt good to have achieved the task before lunchtime and to sit in the Rendezvous Casino afterwards with a hot dog and hot cup of coffee!

Thank you to those that have made a donation to our defibrillator fund on the strength of our efforts, I hope more of you will donate a pound or two, remember every pound gets matched which makes our target that much easier to reach! I spoke to Andy Forsyth the Chair of The Sussex Heart Charity at the finish line who says the cost of defibrillators has come down so I am optimistic that we will be able to place several on the streets of Hove and Portslade.

Heart disease is our biggest killer with a ratio of 1:4, I have to admit I thought it would have been cancer but not so and having access to a defibrillator increases the survival rate after a heart attack significantly. Here’s the link to our JustGiving page, please do help! Click Here.

There’ll be more on heart disease over the next few weeks, raising awareness of first warning signs and things to avoid so do keep reading these newsletters, to stay in business we need our hearts, and healthy ones at that!

Have a good week

Jill Humphrey

Thanks to Sussex Heart Foundation


Clive Bonny says: “Jill’s recommendation at Hove Business Association to raise funds for local public defibrillators is a great choice. Heart disease kills one in four in the UK, and Brighton’s residents are high on this list. Well done to HBA joining over 100 others to support Sussex Heart Foundation”