Every single user of retail bags will be taxed an extra 5p per bag. The new EU law will apply to every single bag user across England in 2015. About 200 bags per year are taken by each person, so a family of four will be counting the costs.

The good news is that every retail bag user can prevent this tax by taking a bag which can be re-used. A new environmental friendly bag is being offered to retailers and bag users to prevent the extra tax on family finances.

sus.leaderInventor Richard Simmonite has created the re-usable Bag Re:Born. It is made from eco-friendly materials and is cleverly designed to transform from a handy carrier bag into a large refuse sack or a 60 litre bin liner. Richard’s invention has won numerous awards. Best of all, families across Britain can recycle their tax savings back into their shopping basket. Richard has been supported  by Brighton University Green Growth Programme and by government GrowthAccelerator funding which enables businesses to develop new products and services.

Innovation advisor Clive Bonny says “Retailers need  to grab this new offer as it gives their customers more money to spend. Bag Re:Born can also be printed with brand names and logos of retailers and charities for free advertising in high streets and homes. Consumer research shows that bag advertising is more memorable and more likely to encourage repeat purchases or charity donations than other forms of marketing promotion. Bag Re:Born is a real incentive to reduce waste, save money and support community causes”

Richard Simmonite 07920 115551 richard@bagreborn.com