South East Construction Forum Attracts Growth Accelerators

An SEC event held at Moat Housing has shown its members case studies of success and how to apply for business development grants. The grants are a part of a £180 million government support scheme for Business Innovation and Skills. The grants are available for English registered companies with under 250 staff who wish to accelerate growth.

SEC and Moat Housing managers with Clive and Nick

SEC and Moat Housing managers with Clive and Nick

Examples were presented by Clive Bonny of Strategic Management Partners who delivers support for funding. Clive says “This programme of support allows enterprises to specify what support they want, when, where and to whom they want it delivered. This programme improves sales, marketing, quality management, service delivery and product development.”

Successful grant user Nick Kortalla-Bird, MD of Press2Talk, explained how easy it was to apply for support and the operational benefits arising. His case study showed how Facilities Managers can reduce risks with radio communications. Afterwards attendees networked with each other and are now exploring further opportunities for business development.

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