A new conservation and education charity has launched a fund raising programme with the help of a live display of flying drones. The charity Beacon Hub Brighton is raising funds to create a 35 seat classroom on the top of Beacon Hill next to the 40 acre nature reserve and the 200 year old landmark Smock Windmill.

1527028_250105141825541_1283230738_nThe classroom will host schools and community groups interested in conservation, wildlife interpretation and environmental management. Brighton drone fliers celebrated a worldwide event for International Drone Day. The all day event was held at Rottingdean’s Longhill High School and included indoor and outdoor drone racing, a buying fair and live music.

Charity Trustee of Beacon Hub Brighton, Clive Bonny, says “our plan is to convert our local disused golf course into a community hub for active learning in arts, sciences and environmental protection. These skills will enable long term employability. The hill is already being used by ten times more people than before for walking and wild life watching.  When the class-room is built over 3000 people every year of all ages and abilities can use this unique restored building in a beautiful landmark location. We have £25,000 donations promised already and we need more to achieve our goal.”