News reports have appeared recently about mouse droppings found in Bounty Bars being sold at WH Smith.  Westminster City Council also reported finding live mice under drinks at Victoria Station. The subsequent fine of £22,000 plus £13000 costs will alert consumers and suppliers on the daily risks related to poor food storage.

Health and Safety advisor Clive Bonny advises consumers to avoid drinking direct from cans and bottles. Clive says “Whilst the risk of contamination may be small, the impact on unlucky persons is severe. Bacterial infections such as leptospirosis can result in severe headaches, abdominal and back pain, sweating and even liver failure. It is estimated that at least 7 million people suffer every year. More foodstuff suppliers need to carry out regular preventive checks in areas where food and drink are stored.”

One of the leading UK firms Safeguard offer free telephone advice for businesses who are interested in pest prevention services. Pest control expert James Sheehan says “We understand the difficulties faced by retailers who have food and drink stored in places which are difficult to monitor on a daily basis. A free phone call enables us to determine potential risks, and we are only too happy to prevent any business from appearing in the news and in court”

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