Enabling Wellbeing with Wearable Technology


Founder Directors of Applied Micro-current Technology Lucy and Ian Thirkell

Founder Directors of Applied Micro-current Technology Lucy and Ian Thirkell

Wired Sussex member Clive Bonny has been providing grant funded support for Applied Micro-current Technology for over a year. “AMT” is an e-commerce technology company supplying a non-invasive drug-free pocket size device worn externally which enables the restoration of natural cellular energy across the whole body. This optimises wellbeing and performance using the body’s own natural processes. The founding Directors have invested 13 years and £400,000 in R and D to create a family of ARC devices wearable by horses, pets and humans. The first device trademarked ArcEquine has been successfully field tested for several years in the equine market by riders and horses in international competitions. AMT supplied the first devices to Olympic teams and international competition riders who successfully tested it in the field at the highest competitive levels. Sales to UK equine users have proved very successful via commissioned equine specialists. Additional online user testimonials on  https://www.facebook.com/arcequine and endorsements by qualified vets and farriers have created brand credibility at the highest level. AMT began supplying to the public online in 2013 and has over 1000 UK customers with sales revenue over £500,000 in just 2 years of trading. Product design and CE Mark certification is complete. Reliability and durability is proven. There are no medical regulatory requirements. Local manufacturing is now set up for high volume production. AMT has an experienced management team to further develop the UK and international markets into a multi-million global brand with crowdfunding and angel investment.

The UK equine market has a high public profile as the second largest spectator sport (6 million annually), the highest number of Olympic medals, with ongoing significant financial support from government and Sports England. £10 Billion bets are placed pa and bookmakers take £5 Billion profit annually. There are 20,000 UK equine businesses employing 250,000 persons, earning £3.5 Billion pa. UK horse population is 966,000 horses supported by 100,000 members of equestrian societies. AMT devices significantly reduce equine care costs (average £3600 per horse pa) and optimise wellbeing and performance in competitions. In just 2 years AMT has become a recognised and trusted

UK brand supported by the primary horse health insurers and leading industry stakeholders. There are no other UK suppliers using this technology. AMT have registered and protected their intellectual property and submitted a patent with international extension options. International marketing offers further significant potential growth. USA market is ten times larger than UK with 725,000 horses in racing and breeding plus 1.9 million horses in high value showing events. Middle East horse owner, racer and breeder income is substantial. Horse owner incomes are higher than average. Product price vs value benefits are very evident.

Clive Bonny says “AMT are offering equity shares through crowdfunding. In the UK market if AMT achieves just 5% market share of horse owners this generates revenue of £12 million. Extra capital will create international market awareness with a return on investment target 5 times original investment within 5 years.”