Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 08.48.14A masterclass showing apprentices how to use social media is being supported by Brighton entrepreneurs. Albion in the Community, the charitable arm of Brighton & Hove Albion, has invited high growth business leaders to support local jobseekers. Their aim is to enable apprentices to use sites like LinkedIn to find work, and then to promote their business sponsors on social media platforms.

Clive Bonny, MD of Strategic Management Partners, has been running the Masterclasses with Albion’s Carl Southwell since 2011. Clive says; “Brighton is bustling with creative talent and AITC’s Want to Work scheme is now attracting home-grown innovators to share their knowledge. In just two hours we can show how best to use sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to help companies find apprentices who will then use the same sites to promote their employers.”

The latest volunteer entrepreneur is Taras Nadvirny, who runs cosmetics and skin care company Cor Europe. Taras says; “Businesses who actively support social enterprises show communities they really care, and in turn those communities are more likely to buy from those suppliers.”

Dale Brunning and Anja Dolphin from TrustCo Media also presented their successful experiences of using the apprenticeship programme for local retailers and wholesalers Malpass Markets. Apprentice Anja says; “We created a Facebook forum of 2,000 new customers within just a few months to help a new business get off the ground quickly. The AITC Want to Work initiative can help lots of local firms win more work.”.