Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 09.09.59Brighton’s newest public bus service is growing with public support. The Big Lemon Community Interest Company has been presented with an Award by representatives of the GrowthAccelerator support scheme. It is the first public transport operator to receive the national accreditation for the Responsible Business Standard.

Big Lemon MD Tom Druitt was presented with the Award at Brighton Racecourse by Clive Bonny, a GrowthAccelerator coach with Oxford Centre for Innovation. The Award recognises excellence for responsible operations, environmental management and social responsibility. This achievement was one of the outcomes of a public funded support scheme available nationally to high growth enterprises.

Druitt showed local companies how the GrowthAccelerator support has helped Big Lemon prepare for further 30% expansion in the coming year by widening his private coach hire services with additional partners and new routes. Bonny says “Tom is a charismatic leader whose enterprise now engages over 100 businesses and schools in recycling waste cooking oil into fuel for buses. His passion is boosting skills in waste management for thousands of young people who will then help their communities conserve valuable resources in the future. We undertook an intellectual property audit and registered and protected Big Lemon trademarks as a result”

Jill Poet, MD of the Organisation for Responsible Businesses adds “More high growth enterprises are recognising the benefits of using the Standard as a benchmark for business continuity. The GrowthAccelerator scheme has also proved to be an excellent catalyst for future resilience and success in this tough economic climate” The Big Lemon Community Interest Company Clive Bonny GrowthAccelerator Coach