A panel with representation from Fellowship Council and senior RSA staff decided to award the following projects, subject to them agreeing terms and conditions:

**1) An additional grant of £5000 to Self-Made Creative Clothing – school children and students turn second-hand clothes or material into new recycled products**

With the help of an initial Catalyst grant, over 500 schoolchildren in four schools participated in the pilot stages of the project in Brighton, increasing their knowledge of textiles and their entrepreneurial skills. The project also managed to break a world-record for the largest pom-pom with the clothes it gathered to raise awareness of the amount of clothes that go to waste. Working in close collaboration with the Brighton Fellows’ Network, Fellows will now produce a recycling enterprise start up toolkit for schools and their local communities, to spread the project across a larger number of schools with the extra grant. The Fellowship team will look to RDI winners to provide advice: particularly on partnering with organisations that have excess material and clothes, on designs, and on generating revenue from the recycled clothes. We will also find Fellows to advise on how to best integrate the project with schools’ needs, as well as contacts at schools and colleges who are keen to participate. If you can help in any of these ways, especially if you are interested in your school participating, please get in touch with project leader Clive Bonny.

Contact Clive@consult-smp.com tele 01273 308865 www.consult-smp.com


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