Strategic Management Partners can help your business thrive by helping you embrace social and environmental considerations within your business. Strategic Management Partners has been awarded the “gold standard”: in the Responsible Business Standard and is also an assessor of the standard.
See here for local press on the Responsible Business Standard – “SMEs urged to adopt standard for public sector work”:


A national standard independently verifying best practice for environmental management and social responsibility. The Standard has received many accolades for the unique service it provides to small businesses, including support from the EU rapporteur for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), UK Business Secretary, Councils and trade bodies.


Organisations are being increasingly required by law (Companies Act 2006) to ensure they meet specific standards in environmental and social governance. “Triple Bottom Line ESG” reporting (Environmental, Social and Economic Governance) is now a statutory requirement for public funded bodies, health, education, and PLC’s. In turn, small enterprises down the supply chain are being asked to demonstrate their social and environmental credentials. The UK Public Services (Social Value) Act March 2012 obliges public procurers to check all suppliers show evidence of environmental management and social value as a pre-qualification for a share of the UK public procurement budget worth over £100 Billion a year.


Any organisation can apply to attain the standard at any time without having to meet externally imposed deadlines. There is a small initial application fee. Most organisations already meet parts of the standard and an initial brief review formally recognises these successes. Organisations are invited to take a simple online questionnaire which acts as a quick SWOT analysis, providing immediate detailed responses and signposting where appropriate. A more detailed review also identifies how to meet the standard in full. If extra support is needed the Organisation for Responsible Businesses can recommend a qualified consultant with sector experience to advise an internal manager. The consultant will provide best value options for low cost implementation. When ready, applicants request an onsite assessment of their practices and processes, which typically takes half a day for smaller businesses. The assessor reports comprehensively on achievements and recommendations for ongoing sustainability.


It shows evidence of sustainable operations and business continuity against an approved national standard. It reduces risk of non-compliance with new Environment Laws. It improves opportunities to win tenders for corporate and public works. It uniquely includes both Environmental and Social Standards making it broader than other forms of certification, although not as onerously complex. It is tailored specifically for smaller organisations with 2 to 250 employees who are unable to divert financial and technical resources to meet other standards e.g. BS8555, ISO 14001, 6000, 25999, 22301. It widens marketability into public sector and corporate prime contractors. Local Authorities spend £40 Billion pa on external services and are now targeted to ensure 25% of suppliers are SME. The Responsible Business Standard helps small enterprises win bids with stable clients who pay on time.

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Testimonials for the Responsible Business Standard

**Mark Prisk MP, Minister of State for Business and Enterprise.**
Mark Prisk MP said “I am always pleased to hear of new and innovative ideas, especially those that aim to support business growth. The Government welcomes positive responses such as this to its call for a ‘Big Society’ approach.”
ORB has a vision of thriving, vibrant cities, towns and villages where SMEs play a vital role in their local communities; contributing socially and economically, and setting an example of ethical and responsible business behaviour to corporate business in the UK and throughout the world. Creating this positive change is an essential aspect of achieving the “Big Society” dream, whereby small businesses are not only ethical and responsible but also profitable and sustainable.
**Rob Challis – Founding Director of Tangent Synergy Ltd, Trustee at Global Action Plan and former Global Head of Corporate Responsibility at the Man Group Plc**

Rob is a leading strategic thinker on CR and well-know on the conference circuit where his engaging, forthright and challenging style keeps audiences on their toes, wide awake and thinking. Rob totally understands that a commercial imperative is vital for integrating CR into business frameworks and is a huge supporter of ORB and The Responsible Business Standard which, he believes “will play a progressively important role in the recovery of the economy.”

**Sandra Garlick – Principal of De Marco Hunter Solicitors in Coventry**
De Marco Hunter Solicitors is a leading law firm specialising in employment law and business affairs. The company attained The Responsible Business Standard at gold level in June 2011.De Marco Hunter Solicitors has been featured in both the traditional press and online business news sites. Principal, Sandra Garlick, has also been featured on BBC Midlands Today. As a business that does not advertise, in a traditional sense, they have been able to generate massive coverage as a direct result of achieving the Standard. Sandra Garlick said: “We are already seeing the benefits of obtaining the Responsible Business Standard. We have used the accreditation process as a management tool to help us examine the way we operate as a business and that led to us updating a number of policies and procedures. Achieving the Gold Award has helped us to raise our profile and identify new ways of engaging with our stakeholders”