Company Directors are taking advantage of a new government grant which, subject to eligibility, can provide up to £3000 support for business continuity and operational resilience to achieve over 20% annual growth for organisation development.

Company Directors and managers are using a Government grant to further develop human resourcing, improve staff productivity and operational priorities to address issues arising from the current economic challenges. The grant pays Directors and managers for tailored onsite support on strategic operational

Improvements and resource management to create more effective processes to rebound from recession.

The support grant is tailored to meet the particular challenges of senior managers and ensure they capitalise on new opportunities arising from the current economic climate. The grant covers a wide range of areas eg: how to protect trademarks, grow turnover and margins, maintain service quality, improve employee performance, restructure resources to reduce costs and improve resilience to recession.

Growth coach Clive Bonny comments “management leaders should use this tailored scheme to sustain their businesses in difficult times. One to One support is available onsite for Directors and managers at their preferred times and includes a full assessment of operational needs which is free of charge. The grant allows Directors up to £3000 to support business continuity plus up to £3000 for protecting intellectual property and is available now for eligible small to medium sized enterprises”

for more info contact Clive Bonny tele 01273 308865, mobile 07973 799153