RE: Training
Hi Clive It was good to see you again yesterday and I found the training very useful
thank-you. As discussed I’d be very interested in working with you in sectors where there are reciprocal business and networking opportunities. Many thanks,
Roger S – ECS leading EU Technology Asset Funders
Thanks Clive. It was a very helpful day and concluding with an action plan was excellent. I’ll come back to you if I need further help. Best wishes
Alastair C – Solicitor Partner
Dear Clive,
Many Thanks for a good day yesterday. I believe it went extremely well and all candidates got so much out of it. Once again many thanks and I look forward to meeting with you again shortly. Would recommend to others
Kind Regards Andrew W – Business Continuity Services
I found the course very helpful by the end of the day I could see that it was developed to meet the specific needs of attendees. The area I found most useful was the brief section on change management. Hope this is helpful. Do keep me up to date on other courses you offer and I’ll see what might be useful in the future. Kind regards,
Stephen E – Chief Executive – Charitable Trust
Hi Clive
Just a short note to say thank you for your invitation yesterday. I found it very enjoyable and useful. Have a great weekend.
Justine L – MD – Motor Services
“stimulated discussions with ease, always great to learn more”
John P – MD – Catering and Foods
Hi Clive,
“Yes, was a very good day. The most useful, was probably a task list that I built up through the day showing things that myself and my business partner need to do. Ideas from Clive mostly, but sometimes from the other delegates.”
Mark D – IT Solutions
You are professional and know what you’re talking about. You are somebody that is happy to challenge people on how they are doing things in a way that is non threatening and helps them to develop. Speak to you soon,
Catherine G – BD Executive – Leadership Development